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It's beginning to look a lot like...

If I can go ‘round the corner and pick up an eggnog latte, it is definitely Christmas season.

Here, that means I need to pull out my pink and green album. My Christmas journal. And the more people who do that right along with me, the more fun Christmas gets each year.

Journal your Christmas is something we’ve done for the last two holiday seasons. And we’ll do it again this year. But of course, we’ll move with the times and make things a bit more entertaining.

Journal your Christmas starts on the 1st of December and runs right through to the 6th of January—the twelfth night of Christmas.

Each day there’s a new prompt—37 of them. You’ll receive this by email, to give you a new holiday topic to mull over each day, as well as something to see to inspire you.

There is no set project to make: you can work in any style and any medium. You could focus on your writing and turn your season into a Christmas blog with daily entries. Or focus on finding or taking a photograph for each day of the holidays. Or create a scrapbook or an art journal in your own style. The prompts are designed to get you thinking rather than telling you the right or wrong way to make something.

This year, there will also be audio messages to listen to, the opportunity to chat with others in the group and the ability to post your work on writtendown.

They’ll be more sneak peaks as we go through November, of course.

Sign up now:


04 November 2006

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33 Comments for It's beginning to look a lot like...

  1. Song Says:

    Ooo can’t wait.

    BTW congrats on getting on the DT of Banana Frog :)

  2. Jen Says:

    No Fair!
    Why do you get Egg Nog now and us in Topeka must still swig pumpkin spice and wish for the christmas lattes to arrive?
    You are so lucky.
    I want to sign up for this one. I got to get money together first though. Hopefully I can come up with it soon!

  3. sean carter Says:

    thats great. have to get one of these for my sister. enjoy the holidays.
    peep into amazing Holiday Blog at http;// for some really unique and cool stuffs and loads of gift ideas.

  4. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Really can’t wait for this!!! Congratulations of the new post !!! :)

  5. betsy Says:

    took this last year and loved it!!! It may have been the best part of the season (hopefully my family won’t read this). Have signed up already!!!

  6. Wendi Says:

    After reading Ali’s blog last Christmas season and seeing her amazing art journal, I knew I’d want to do it this year. I’m so excited! I’ve paid up and am just waiting till December 1st! :) Thanks for doing this again!!!!

  7. Lisa Cohen Says:

    Congrats on Banana Frog!!

    And I have a dumb question regarding your Christmas class. Okay don’t laugh! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but instead celebrate Chanukah and wanted to know if it’s possible to take your class to celebrate the spirit of the holidays or their is very specific content that can only relate to Christmas… okay you can stop laughing now! Just let me know so I can know whether I should sign up. Thanks!!

    I still have my “You Think You Know Me” album to do. Need to get my 5 year old to be the photographer to do a “shoot”!


  8. Lynne Says:

    I’ve signed up and am so excited to get started on this! I’m doing my shopping and planning early so that starting December 1st, I can relax and enjoy this class.


  9. juliann Says:

    I took this class lastyear. I am wondering if the prompts will be different? I sure had a great time and would love to do it again.

  10. Teresa Says:

    Signing up now… Ali’s art journal is incredible and I soo want Christmas for my children to be about the true meaning and not just the gifts hype… all about things to think about and a creative outlet to work on. Looking forward to it! Thank you! :)

  11. Sam Says:

    I heard about your class from Ali Edwards’ blog. It sounds fabulous. I was wondering though, if the prompts are different from last year, could you maybe share one of last years to give an idea of exactly what the class would be like. I am very interested but would like to know a little more as money seems to be a little tighter this time of year. Thanks! :)

  12. Kathi Says:

    Hello Shimelle—I took this last year and would love to do so again, however I was wondering if you were going to change the prompts up a bit. I’d like to see it a little different so as not to duplicate last year.

    Thanks so much—have taken a number of your classes now and really enjoy them.

  13. PJ Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Last year I couldn’t get home fast enough every day to see if Ali posted an other faboulus page from your class… totally loved it…
    I was wondering if you could share some more info about this class… I live in the Netherlands, and we celebrate Christmas a little bit different than you guys.. so I would like to know if it would be fun for me to join in..


  14. Catharina Says:

    Ha Chimelle, i also learned from this christmasclass from ali’s blog. i also live in the netherlands and would like to know a bit more about the prompts you are going to give everyday in this class before i sign in. thanks!

  15. Andrea Says:

    I just signed up and can’t wait to get started on this one. I just LOVE Christmas – my very favourite time of the year – so this class will be really fun …

  16. Theresa Says:

    I just sent payment. Very happy to “get in the Christmas spirit” with you all.

  17. Susanne Says:

    A friend of mine directed me here … and I’m IN! I think it’ll be great to set aside time every day for this project!

  18. Jacquie Says:

    I’m excited to do this too!! It looks like fun and something I’ve been wanting to do!

  19. Aggie Says:

    Hello :) Are you still taking students for your class?

  20. Melissa Says:

    Hello – just signed up from Ali’s blog. I LOVE the idea of this….hope I am not too late. I have never done anything like this so I am totally clueless. But I catch on quick! Thanks…

  21. Daphne Says:

    A special THANK YOU to my sweet, gentle, patient husband, Paul for this wonderful Christmas Gift.

  22. Rebecca Brooks Says:

    Hi Shimelle, this is my first class with you and I used my hubby’s PayPal account to send payment, but is there any way you can send the class stuff to my email address instead of his?

  23. Dianne Says:

    I received my password for the writtendown but can’t find where I am to post my journal. Help.

  24. Lynnette Says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if it was too late to sign up for the class? My guess is yes, since it’s after the 1st, but I figured I would ask anyway since it seems like such a neat idea. Thanks!

  25. Stephanie Says:

    Oh man, I JUST came across this and was wondering if it’s too late for me to join!? This looks like such a fun idea!

  26. Shelia Says:

    I have the same question as the previous two people. Is it too late to sign up since it’s after the 1st?

  27. shimelle.~* Says:

    you are still welcome to join throughout the course. If you sign up now – after the 1st of December – you’ll receive all the materials you’ve missed so you can either catch up or work at your own pace. So you CAN still join us!

  28. Susan Says:

    I’m SO glad you said that! I’ve just signed up and am so excited to get going.

  29. Kim Says:

    Is it too late to join the class?

  30. Lynda Brown Says:

    I’d also like to know if its too late to join in? I’ve heard this is great to do so would love to play too

  31. Jo Medler Says:

    I’ve seen my sister do your Christmas journal, and am keen to do it myself. Am I too late for this year? We have only just got out internet connection back. Could you give me costs and any othere relevant details please?
    Many thanks, Jo.

  32. rbxkztwaxzu Says:

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