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CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Echo Park is an interesting one. They have a different business model than most every other company out there. A new collection ships to stores every six weeks, and it’s almost entirely paper. Each collection has a 12×12 sheet of stickers and one of letters, and then some collections have a small group of embellishments like these – but that’s just for something special. And for the past year, we’ve seen so many styles from Echo Park as they introduced new designers for almost every collection, meaning the look could change dramatically from month to month.

Let’s keep that in mind and see what you think about their release here at the winter show.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
This & That is actually two collections – this colourway is called ‘Charming’ and there’s a more feminine colour scheme called ‘Graceful’. But I’m not going to pay any mind to this being a boy and a girl collection, because look at this! Vintage cameras and globes? I’m totally in.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Echo Park only feature a few projects on their booth each show. I would love to see more! But what they do have is really lovely. This layout is by Amy Heller. So here’s an example of Charming…

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
…and this is from Graceful. Pretty rose tones with plenty of aqua.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
And that’s mostly it in terms of example projects!

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Embellishments and papers from the Graceful version of This & That include florals, silhouettes and hot air balloons. I like this but I would have loved more cameras with the pink too… but then I never tire of camera images.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
So let’s take a closer look at stickers and paper, shall we?

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Yes, that is definitely my favourite. I’ll take a whole pack of twenty-five, thanks.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
The border sheet is quite lush too! Love the same motifs but all lined up in a row. I am easily pleased.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Then there’s a third collection: Note to Self. Just one colour scheme with this no embellishments – just 12×12 papers plus two 12×12 sticker sheets. But I can sum up my excitement for this collection with one photo.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park

It’s one of those things I never knew I needed, but I instantly loved. Viewmaster reels on a patterned paper make me very happy indeed, and I have no intention of staging a photo session with my Viewmaster just to use this paper, but rather plan to just use it as a vaguely photographic-themed paper to go with pretty much anything.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Don’t worry: there is far more to this collection than Viewmasters, I promise. Lots of themes that would work well with all sorts of everyday scrapping.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Cut-apart cards for writing and captions.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
The two sticker sets include motifs on this sheetand another with alphabets.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park
Echo Park have also added two new colour schemes to their dots and stripes collections, which are great packs for getting more pages from your other favourite collections, provided you can find a good colour to coordinate. So this should add to that library of options.

Now here’s what came of those thoughts from the very beginning. Throughout the past year, Echo Park featured many different designers with many different styles. Although they made the same types of products with each collection, the look wasn’t particularly similar from collection to collection. Yet at this show, the designs on the floor look very consistent. But that’s an easy explanation: the three collections all share the same designer in Lori Whitlock. Whether this is something EP will continue with throughout 2012 I really don’t know, but I do think these lines are strong and form a recognisable look for the brand. I would love to see continued lines from Lori – but perhaps it is easier for me to say that when I’m not looking at their other collections at the same time. Is there another collection’s style that you’re missing from this line up?

EP also announced something called Mini Themes, but I couldn’t get photos of these as buyers needed to get pretty close to the display to get all the details – and every time I walked by there were plenty of buyers doing just that. There are sixteen different themes represented, and rather than the style of the big collections, these are very traditional themes like birthday, baby, dance, baseball and camping. Those are sold as packs with six 12×12 papers and one 6×12 (I think?) sticker sheet. You can have a look at those here.

Ship dates: This & That and Dots & Stripes ship to stores in February. Note to Self and the mini themes ship in March, and there’s a summer line to follow that in April.

Click here to shop for Echo Park products.

05 February 2012

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53 Comments for CHA Winter 2012 :: Echo Park

  1. soapHOUSEmama Says:

    I like it!!!!

  2. Kathy R Says:

    I have loved all of Echo Parks paper collections and I love all of these too. I love seeing a new collection every month.

  3. Cyndee K. Says:

    I’ve loved probably 90% of Echo Parks collections – and the This & That collections are lovely!

  4. LindaHAZ Says:

    Thanks for highlighting the collection. Its a MUST HAVE in my book…and my birthday is coming up….

  5. Seanna Says:

    I have used a lot of EP stuff in the past year and have found it to be quite versatile but yes, different in style between some of the collections. Like you, I loved the vintage cameras. I even loved the viewfinder and I have just the thing for it—when my daughter was at orientation at her university, she picked up an orientation packet and one of the things in it was a viewmaster. It had a little viewmaster disk and its purpose was to introduce the dining options at the school. I am SURE I took a photo of it because it was kind of remarkable. Thanks for showing us these—I might have missed the viewfinder otherwise!

  6. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    Looks like EP is really finding their style, though I admit to missing a For the Record-style collection. The mini-themes are way cuter than the average “theme” papers…wonder if my local store picked up on that? Hmm….

  7. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Love the camera and viewmaster paper!

  8. Madeline Says:

    This is kind of cool.

  9. Kelly Says:

    View master reels? Yes, please. I have the perfect subject for them. Vintage cameras, as well? I’m in.

  10. AllisonLP Says:

    I love all things Echo Park! Recently got the A Boy’s Life collection. I’m thinking the Charming line in the This and That collection is a must have!

  11. abbeyviolet Says:

    I keep wishing for a bit more embellishments from this group. I (hard as it is to say) only need so much paper per layout and a bit more bits to tie it together. I do like the basic dots like for its versatility.

  12. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Hope some of these papers are available in the digi line.

  13. Liz Says:

    I really love the This and That: Graceful, although now that you mention it, pink and cameras would be pretty darn awesome! :)

  14. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    I like these collections. They look really good, versatile.

  15. Peta Says:

    I have a View Master and I’m so keen to get my hands on ‘Note to Self’!

  16. linda Says:

    I always feel like echo park has great gender neutral and masculine type products – nice!

  17. Jacky S Says:

    Am loving the look of all these collections.

  18. nothingprecious Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of echo park but these new collections are gorgeous I can’t wait.

  19. Sian Says:

    Wonderful pictures of the new collections. I think I might just be tempted to stage a picture with my viewmaster because I loved that thing. Oh, and paper dolls? yes, I think life is definitely better with paper dolls!

  20. Julie Kirk Says:

    I love the Note to Self. Yes, I’m that predictable. Viewmaster ftw.

    And I really like lots of elements of This+That too but sometimes … I really do get tired of scrapbooking’s gender/children focus. [Which certainly isn’t just this range/manufacturer.]

  21. Candace Says:

    Love these new releases! Very similar to their for the record range.

    With Echo Park some ranges have been quite babyish but these ones are lovely

  22. SusanB Says:

    I always like Echo Park and these new collections are very appealing!!

  23. Jill Says:

    Hmmm. I happen to have a view finder on the floor of my front seat!! I could use that fun paper! Thanks for sharing Shimelle…I love that the collections are so diverse.

  24. Natalie G Says:

    Love all these collections from EP! I just ordered A Boys Life though so need to use that before I’m allowed more!

  25. LisaE Says:

    I’m really enjoying the insight into these companies business plans. Sometimes we get so caught up in pretty paper we forget their are people who have to design, market and sell all this and actually make a profit! TFS!

  26. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I really like the first two collections here and I’m not really an EP fan. I am however, a big MME fan and I actually thought that the Graceful collection was really theirs – from the brads and the style of papers, there is an uncanny resemblance there. Now I’m scaring myself by recognising papers and manufacturers…

  27. Julia M. Says:

    I love these products by Echo Park, but I do not say that about all their stuff. Like you said though, that old camera and view finder reel paper is awesome!
    Thanks for showing us their stuff.

  28. Carolyn E Says:

    Loved what Echo Park put out this year! This & That and Note to Self are going to be mine!

  29. tape Says:

    I don’t know, I’ve always thought Echo had a definite style of their own even though the designers varied. Some of the collections I haven’t liked as much because they were too themed for me (like for scrapping little boys), but they still looked like Echo to me. Love the new collections!

  30. margie visnick Says:

    Oh, I love This& That Graceful! It really speaks to my girly side!!

  31. chel Says:

    I wish I could just have the new lines shipped to me every six weeks. I love the various designs and I love that they keep it fresh.

  32. Andrea R. Says:

    Didn’t see something I didn’t like! I’m also liking quite a few of the mini collections.

  33. Breeze Says:

    I am loving all the new EP products cant wait to check out those mini collections!

  34. Julia Says:

    I am an EP convert after seeing this little lot :) LOL at your love of View Master – I introduced my kids to it last year as my Mum still had mine hidden away in the wardrobe. Views of Canada I think it is!

  35. Torry Says:

    This and That is adorable! And those journaling cards look perfect for Project Life.

  36. Penny Says:

    This collection is great and will be goinh to the top of my wish list.

  37. NancyLee Says:

    Oh, golly! I want it all! Very smart designs and I am looking forward to bresking the bank on each line!

  38. Melanie Says:

    I have never bought any echo park before because no where locally has it. I think I’m going to have to order some from 2 peas I LOVE the charming collection. The cameras and the viewmasters are great! I see them working with some of the 1950’s travel photos I have of my parents.

  39. Jennifer Grace Says:

    I’ve found echo park a bit hit-and-miss in the past too, but I love all these three collections, especially This and That Graceful. So pretty, and I’m loving all the hot air ballons appearing on releases at the moment! x

  40. Yeva Says:

    another cute vintage themed collection! and I love how they have more of a girl or boy theme collections!

  41. April W Says:

    LOVE these! That camera paper is especially yummy. ;)

  42. Natalie Says:

    I about fell off my chair when I saw the sneaks showing just how many lines EP was introducing. I especially like their letter sticker sheets!

  43. Scrapdolly Says:

    I am loving the more muted tones … you know me …. brights scare me

  44. Marian Says:

    I looooove the view master paper!!

  45. Kristin A. Says:

    A lot of great stuff here! Especially love the Notes to Self!

  46. ruth tacoma Says:

    Charming & Note to SElf are must haves for me!!

  47. Melanie S Says:

    You take the best CHA photos! Would you mind if I pin them to my boards at pintrest so I can remember the items I must have?

  48. marianne Says:

    That view finder pp is so me!!

  49. HeatherC Says:

    I usually think of Echo Park ans being kid like and bright colors, but LOVE the muted tones of this line — looks more grown up — will be looking for this in stores for sure!

  50. Maja Says:

    Echo Park is just cool!

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