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Scrapbook Supply Amnesty

scrapbook studio

Right now, my studio does not look like this. Not at all.

See, in those pictures you can see things like floor. Floor! And see how those buckets in the cubes have space on either side of them? Space?! What’s that? Let’s just say that I have not done so great a job over the last six weeks or so of keeping this a) pretty or b) even workable.

So this weekend I am calling an amnesty on my supplies and planning to set so much free. I’m going to start cleaning, start sending things away…and I’m not going to stop until it is so clean I can cartwheel on the floor. That’s the basic plan.

The not-so-basic part of the plan is that I’m going to set everything free on the internet. Throughout this weekend, I’ll be posting my progress on Twitter, including photos of pizza boxes of supplies that need new homes. For most things, I’m happy to just send it to the first person who tweets back! So if you fancy a chance at a free box of supplies, you might want to follow me this weekend.

I’ll also be posting a few things here on the blog. There are a few things I can’t really put in a complete giveaway, but I can make them a bargain. Like some gadgets…some class kits from Paris…that sort of thing. So if you’re not the twitter type, you’ll find a few things here too.

Now to say many positive things to myself to convince me that I can make my room look this tidy and productive again! Yes I can! (It’s just going to be rather an intense weekend!)


08 May 2009

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18 Comments for Scrapbook Supply Amnesty

  1. Barb Says:

    Love the way you organized your stamps. I didn’t think of that.

  2. Madeiline St Onge Says:

    I love the pink color in you room. Good luck with the cleaning

  3. Julie@JulieChats Says:

    I love your workspace! I’m working on mine & I love the amnesty idea! Of course I’ll still be following your tweets to see if I can add to my obsession! :)

  4. SallyB Says:

    How exciting! Good luck with the tidy up Shimelle – nice loud music and the odd stop for a cupcake will help! Sally x

  5. Nelle Says:

    Goodness, that’s very kind of you. Good luck!

  6. Beverly Kim Says:

    Fantastic Shimelle! Decluttering allows room for more wonderful things to come into your space.

  7. joanne burton Says:

    Good luck with it – and after you’ve finfished would you like to pop up to Scotland to do mine??

  8. Jennie Says:

    Just wish I had a room for all my stash – or even for my albums! Good luck with your tidying!

  9. Jennie Says:

    Just wish I had a room for all my stash – or even for my albums! Good luck with your tidying!You could send any of it my way for my school crafty corner – we survive on donations!

  10. Kat Says:

    Oooh… think I have to get an expedit as well.. like the idea with the wire baskets. Will defo follow your clear-out in the hope to get some pointers for myself. ;)

  11. amy Says:

    I’d love to hear your tips for keeping up with the clutter in your studio….as a jr. high teacher…I come home tired…I may scrap…but then I don’t have the energy to clean it all up all the time…so it piles up to a DISASTER! I’d love some tips!!!

  12. kathy Says:

    very generous of you to give away your stuff. You should see the state of my spare room with all my scrapping stuff everywhere. and i just visited my freind who has designed the most fantastic space, so jealous lol!

  13. Lisa Says:

    Oh my, I wish you bundles of luck with the spring clean!!! Our house is in desperate need of one of those too. My daughter is in the middle of her photography A level exam and BND graphics final project ~ I daren’t touch ANYTHING!!!!

  14. Gretchen Says:

    Have fun getting your space in order. That’s what I’m doing this weekend… we’ve remodeled the entire space and I have tons of product to sort through too!

  15. laura j Says:

    Good luck with the clean up! I’m in a constant state of reorganizing!

  16. Sarah Says:

    So… did it work? 25 boxes is an awful lot of stuff to give away!
    (Thanks v much btw :) )

  17. Anthea Goodman Says:

    Shim, I was wondering where you got those metal ‘box’ tins that are displayed in your cube shelves? They’re in the middle. I’d love some like that but can’t find any anywhere!!


  18. Kristin Townsend Says:

    I would love to have anything your willing to give away. I take up collections for the foster and adoptive families I work with and give the supplies to them so they can make books for the children in their care. It is hard for my families to buy all of these supplies and I love to help in anyway I can. Thanks if you can help!!! Kristin

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