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Oh the pretty

Sigur Rós

Long-time blog readers and those who read Scrapbook Inspirations will know I scrapbook about a particular band far too often. Perhaps it’s a character flaw. I like to think of it as more to do with pretty pictures and pretty music, but think of it what you will.

Scrapbook pages aside, they started a European tour last week and I was thrilled to score a photo pass to opening night, so not only pretty pictures and pretty music, but pretty pictures without tall people in the way! This was pretty exciting for short little me.

Anyway, now that the images are up on the band’s website, I can share a few here.

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós

The rest of the set is here and their new album is here.

And just to make this scrapbook-related in some way, here’s the last time I scrapped them, as seen in Scrapbook Inspirations!

scrapbook page

And two other little bits of housekeeping:
Journal your Christmas alumni should have received a welcome message yesterday. If you have changed your email address since last year, you’ll need to change it on the forum or by emailing me please.

The sneak peek from the last post is a quilted title page for a scrapbook—sewn straight onto a page protector. Click here for details including a free tutorial to download and print that walks you through, step by step.

And for the record, I am very sad about the disappearance of the Eggnog Latte from the world of red cups this year. Is this everywhere or just in the UK? Not that I will fly to America for a coffee, mind you. I promise.


11 November 2008

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12 Comments for Oh the pretty

  1. Katie_S Says:

    They don’t have the eggnog one here in NZ either and the one I’m really sad about is no special mint mocha frappachino’s with candy cane sprinkles :-(

  2. Marie Says:

    Cool band pics! I know what you mean about annoying heads in the way. We saw Cage The Elephant live on Friday and all my photos are obscured by noggins. Grrrrr.

    My JYC email arrived this morning. I can’t believe it’s almost that time again already! I don’t know where this year has gone.


  3. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I have already bought some fat quarters and was going to make a fabric journal cover! Thanks for the picture. It’s great!! I have thick cardboard to put inside mine.I have a book about fabric journalling that inspired me. Now your wonderful idea has really convinced me that I should go ahead. Many thanks!!

  4. Sam Says:

    I’ve also already downloaded the applique tutorial. It’s fabulous, and I can’t wait to have a go myself.
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. Sarah Says:

    Gorgeous photos Shimelle – I wish I had your eye (and your camera)! Love the feet :)

  6. Christina Clouse Says:

    Hi Shimelle. So excited for your class. Lovely photos and thanks for the link to that project.
    p.s. eggnog should be back around Dec 1st. This year there are six holiday beverages at the bux.

  7. SarahLP Says:

    Oh what beautiful photos Shimelle! Hope I can take pics half as good some day..
    Can’t wait for JYC to start (but in no way ready for it)!
    Sarah x

  8. alissa Says:

    we’ve got eggnog here already. i’m interested in what the other 3 drinks will be. i guess we’ll all have to wait until thanksgiving to find out. :)


  9. tina Says:

    You got the eye of the photograper , sharp and clear.thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  10. Helen Says:

    wonderful to hear about christmas journal, but I didn’t get an email ?
    thanks for sharing the tutorial for quilting, it’s lovely :)

  11. Louise Says:

    great photos Shim, looking forward to doing the Christmas Album again, have already started putting some page base’s together.

  12. Chandler Bluesoul Says:

    You have a wonderful blog, keep up the good work!

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