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Because decorative edged scissors are sexy

No really. This never ceases to make me laugh that we all loved them. Then we hated them. And now we love them again…just not as many of them as the first time. Hurrah for pretty things.

But if you are ready to laugh, you can now tune into FiskarsTV and learn how to make this book. And you can win stuff! And you can struggle to hear me whisper! And you can hear me say random British things like ‘higgedly-piggedly’! And you can admire the manicure I got just for the show! And if you look closely you can see how I totally messed up that manicure! And various other things that cause me to use excessive conjunctions.

(Because they are conjunctions. And, but and or. Conjunctions. As in Conjunction Junction, What’s that Function? Despite the fact that the new teacher language that I speak calls them connectives. Conjunctions. There we go. I feel better now, but it will annoy me in class tomorrow. Ha.)

But most of all, you can turn five sheets of cardstock, 15 photographs and a pair of decorative scissors into a book. And that is always a good thing.


15 March 2007

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35 Comments for Because decorative edged scissors are sexy

  1. Lesley P Says:

    Loved the Fiskars video!You weren’t whispering Shimelle – they just hadn’t sorted out their sound! Off to dust off the decorative scissors and HAVE to buy that paper trimmerxxxx

  2. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Shimelle you did a fantastic jitters. The project looked great. Hope to see more! Cindy

  3. Kate {craftykitten} Says:

    Well the sound worked fine for me! Just love your accent…people never sound the way you imagine them, lol :) Great video and a lovely book. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dale Anne Says:

    Just watched Fiskars TV – I LOVE this book!
    GREAT JOB!!!
    Now, when I read your blog – I can hear your voice…..THANKS for sharing!!!

  5. Tammie Says:

    I thougt it was great!! You’ve inspired me to try to think of something besides work and kids, and I loved hearing your voice!!! Cheers from Seattle!

  6. Rebecca Geach Says:

    Whoo hoo for you, how very exciting and cool!

    you are a good thing Shimelle love!

  7. Topeka Jen Says:

    Great Job girlie, and the manicure looked good!
    So very proud of you. :)

  8. Connie Says:

    Fabulous Shimelle. I can think of several books to make with the template! Thank you so much~oh-you did a great job also!

  9. Donna B. Says:

    You were wonderful and
    the sound was great for
    me. You always make a
    Grandma so proud my sweet

  10. PJ Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    I saw the episode on Fiskars tv, and I think it was really nice! You’re cute (if I may say so) and you showed really clear that scrapping is fun, not difficult and that you can get great results by just doing it! And I love that!!!
    So… for your next class maybe video included??? Now that would be fun!!!


  11. Dianne Says:

    You Go Girl!
    I’m off to my stash to gather my supplies and pictures to complete the project.
    Again, thank you for sharing.


  12. Julie Ratcliffe Says:

    Hi Shimelle

    I thought the Fiskars thing was brilliant. I love the little book, what a fab idea. Gorgeous colours.


  13. BevS97 Says:

    I haven’t watched the video -but I had to comment on ‘Conjunction junction, what’s my function – connecting words and something and phrases’ – I was singing along as I read that bit.

    Off to watch ShimTV now – how cool is that?

  14. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!! You look and sound great … will have to give the book a try!

  15. Paula Says:

    I’ve been a “lurker” of your blog for some time now, but this is my first comment ever :)
    And I must tell you, your class was FANTASTIC!!!! I loved how simple you made it seem! And as much as I tried, I just could NOT see the messy manicure (it looked perfect to me!!!). And, you sounded ADORABLE with your “Engli-ishms”! And AND is STILL a conjunction to me, too!

  16. kristine Says:

    Shimelle, you are absolutely adorable! It’s so nice to ‘hear’ you after following your blog & classes. Your book is fabulous and I loved and all the little ‘tricks’. Very cool!

  17. Sam Fenton Says:

    Brilliant mini-book and the nails looked good! Definitley off to make one of these now :)

  18. elana Says:

    Loved that episode – nice nails by the way. And your mini book was fabulous – can’t wait to make one myself!

  19. Kate Says:

    Wow! You did a great job with that. I love the book, especially the ‘no measuring’ part!

  20. nadine Says:

    great class shimelle! that’s one i definitely want to try!

  21. Hilary Says:

    Fab little book – I have made mine this afternoon using photos I took last “Springtime in Boston” I love it, thanks

  22. Zoe Says:

    Look at you, scrapping TV star. You were fab.

    Zoe x

  23. Tracie H Says:

    Thanks for a fab class Shimelle….my Mom loved her lil album I made.

  24. Karen Compas Says:

    I loved the video. I thought you did great. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your accent, so cool. The book is adorable, i am gonna make one myself. So cool to see you in video/person. You have a great talent.

  25. Marjolein Says:

    I loved the video..but…halfway through it stopped…. and you stopped telling how to finish it…..:-( Love it though and maybe I’m gonna give it a try!

  26. Tina Says:

    The video was awesome with great instructions! The only one I’ve watched all the way through. And I loved hearing your voice :)

  27. Darcie Says:

    This was so great – I was wondering how to scrap my mom’s 80th birthday (!) and this will be so cute. Thanks!!

  28. Celeste Says:

    I loved this concept and decided to make one for a gift for my sister after spending a week with them at their villa in Cabo. Here’s a link to some of my favorite pages from the mini-album.

  29. Amanda Says:

    I am using your great project to make a catalog of my jewelry to show people what I can do with my custom work. The pages look great!