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Scrapbooking Starting Point

scrapbooking starting point
scrapbook page starter
What a funny little week this was – so much fun with Pretty Paper Party and True Scrap that the hours seemed to escape from me. But can’t complain about anything but wishing there were more hours in the day, so that’s okay in my book.

The good news is this week’s Scrapbook Starting Point is super quick and easy! You’ll need two papers – one in a full sheet for the background and another could be a half sheet, as long as it the full width. The papers I used are from the new Chap collection, but of course pick whatever papers you like! From that second pattern, cut three strips: half an inch, one inch and three inches – all the full width of the page. Then grab your favourite border punch and punch the edge of what you have leftover. Take that punched piece and line it up with the pattern in the three inch strip. Small, repeating patterns work best for this – stripes also work really well. Once the pattern is lined up, adhere the punched strip there and cut off the excess so this layered piece is still three inches by twelve (or the full page width, if you’re working in another page size).

Attach the three strips to the full sheet with the smallest strip at the bottom and the largest strip in the middle, and just a small gap between each. When you attach the strips, be sure the pattern is all lined up in the same direction so there’s no jarring reverse of the design.

What you do next is completely up to you! Start here and create your own page, then take a picture and share it with us when you’re finished. Stop back to see my finished version of this page plus some of my favourite submissions from last week. Have a fabulously crafty day… or evening… or whenever this may find you!

23 October 2011

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5 Comments for Scrapbooking Starting Point

  1. Dawn Says:

    love this idea, have never seen this sort of layering technique before. definitely one to try. Thanks Shimelle for the inspiration as always!

  2. Mel Says:

    Yay! I’ve looked at each and every SSP with interest but never seemed to manage to have a go – till this week! :) I messed up the strips a bit (forgot that I’d be lining up the punched strip with one of the others, and my pattern was a bit fussy so I had to cut up the bigger strip to match the pattern then cobble together the smaller ones…) but let’s pretend that you can’t see the join, OK? ;)

  3. Sarah S Says:

    I’m loving your starting points. Thank you so much for doing these for us mmmwah

  4. Mary Says:

    Really like the starting points and have used many of them. Looking forward to trying this one!.

  5. Blanche Castellon Says:

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