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It's never too late to join the pretty paper party! (online scrapbooking class)

pretty paper party :: online scrapbooking class
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I’m loving this party so far – so many fab handmade cards and scrapbook pages from so many guest artists. I loved that the projects I made for this class were so much fun to create and never felt like work for even a second. Two days in and there are already so many projects posted in the class gallery. I love it when something good comes together!

So just in case you’re wondering, it’s never too late to join the party. You can sign up for Pretty Paper Party at any time and have full, permanent access to all the materials. Twenty-five printable prompts, a whole series of videos and all things you won’t see elsewhere – all the projects was made just for this class, just for those at the party!

It’s a party – that means you can be fashionably late! We’ll still welcome you and cheer you on with our celebration of all things paper.

Orders can take up to twenty-four hours to process (though usually it’s much quicker). If you want your prompts sent to an address other than the address on your paypal account, please leave that in the notes or send me an email if you miss that. Thanks!

And if you’re thinking a bigger kind of party, True Scrap starts this Thursday, with classes from seventeen different teachers!

Whatever your party style, I hope you’re feeling crafty and happy this week!


18 October 2011

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8 Comments for It's never too late to join the pretty paper party! (online scrapbooking class)

  1. KelliL Says:

    Only day two and I am LOVING this party. Have taken several of your classes and this class is already becoming a favorite.

  2. fafuna Says:

    I’m so happy to know I can still sign up!!! It sounds fabulous!

  3. Ali Says:

    I joined a bit late, but am loving it – just up my street :)

  4. rachel Says:

    please could you check your list as I signed up on Monday and have not received an email from you yet ??? Many thanks

  5. Maxine Says:

    Great, I’m so glad we can still sign up to this. I need some serious inspiration and assistance so it sounds just right :)

  6. Connie Hopkins Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    I took this class this class and have lost my link. I went back to look at some stuff and it was gone. Could you send it to me again? Pretty Paper Please!
    Connie Hopkins

  7. funny images Says:

    Resources like the one you picture here will be very compassionate to me! I will position a linkage to this folio on my blog. I am sure my company will find that very main happy diwali images

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