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Scrapbooking challenge :: Older Photos

scrapbooking challenge :: older photos
scrapbook page with old polaroid
Ready for a third day of challenges? Here’s an easy one to get your Sunday scrapping started! I have loved the chance to scrapbook older photos recently, so it’s time to pass that on to you. But sadly, I know not everyone found a stack of old Polaroids so as fun as that would be, I promise to make the challenge a little easier to fill.

For this challenge you have to scrapbook a photo from before 2011. No current pictures allowed. If you can, embrace the idea and scrap something a bit retro or something from your childhood, but I totally understand not everyone has pictures like that at the ready. So anything that is not 2011 will be acceptable!

One entry will be selected to win a prize pack of assorted scrapbook goodies. Entries close at midnight next Sunday (21st August 2011).

Feel free to use the comment section to chat about this challenge, as the entries should go in the linky widget!

More challenges to come! And don’t forget today is the last day to use the shipping code if you fancy a little reward for all the older supplies you’ve been using!

14 August 2011

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94 Comments for Scrapbooking challenge :: Older Photos

  1. Debbie Says:

    Ha ha Shim! At the moment all I am doing is using old photos! It’s harder to get motivated about but I’m getting over the “should have scrapbooked these years ago” feelings and just getting on with them! So thanks for some more motivation! I need all the help I can get!

  2. Penny Says:

    Great idea I have just scanned some of my childhood photos from my Dads collection so I can definitley do this one.

  3. lynn Says:

    Woo Hoo, think I have just the photo for this!

  4. shire Says:

    Yeah, that is a cool thing…I have a photo of mine at the age of 3 years in my photo box..perhaps I will use that :) Inga

  5. Zahra Says:

    Am going to be playing catch up today – after being up half the night with the baby, I’ve opted to scrap today instead of sleeping!!! Off to re-read your challenges and dig out some mojo!

  6. Danz Says:

    I’m loving the challenges and loving using up some older products I’d forgotten.

  7. kaatje Says:

    I’m busy with al the challenges. The weather is terrible, so no problem to be in the house. Sometimes for understanding I look for what others have made. Love it all. I have a question for Dantz. Can see your entries, can you make me a friend?

  8. Angie Says:

    I had so much fun doing the layout for this one and I’m still chuckling about my brother’s face in the picture!

  9. Chipper Says:

    All of the photos of me are packed :-( and I thought all was lost for this challenge. Until I remembered that my Aunt dropped in photos for me to scan of my great great grandma. They may be older than most peoples interpretation of ‘retro’ but they are definitely older than 2011!!!

  10. Shannon H. Says:

    I don’t have any older pictures of me here in Japan. I put those in storage. However, I am currently working on my 2010 pictures, so this will be great. I will try to use some retro paper or embellishments.

  11. Sarah S Says:

    This got me scrapping a photo I’ve had for a while (ever since it was published in the local paper lol Thank you x

  12. sam Says:

    i found couple of photos of my with my oldest and really enjoyed this challenge, thankyou,

  13. marianne Says:

    I went all retro yesterday with pics that were 40 yrs old of me :blush:. I can’t say there are plenty more but I know I’ve got some embarrassing teenage ones

  14. Katja Says:

    I took a picture from my 13 years old dauther….I have so much fotos I will scrap and so this challenge is a wonderfull begin. Many thanks !! The picture is took in 1998.

  15. Caroline Says:

    I’ve just printed off a load of photo’s to complete the challenges with and most of them are from 2010 – result. Had to pop out and get some new crafty supplies as well, so I shall finish this cup of tea and then I’ll get started. excited

  16. Jenny A Says:

    I love your layout! I have some retro pictures that are begging to be scrapped!

  17. Jill Says:

    Oooh! Another fun one! I am sure to have photos from before 2011 (since i’m still working on 2009!!). It should be fun to find something more retro. Thanks!!!

  18. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Love the photo on your page shimelle – so cute! And the paper with the multi coloured cameras on it is awesome!

    I’ve got a pic of me at approx age 11 that needs scrapping so I’ll use that!

  19. Dogmatix Says:

    All I have are old photos at the moment thanks to lack of colour in my printer :( problem now is which one to choose lol

  20. Sabine Says:

    Found some photos of myself, 6 years old and playing in the garden. What a nice challenge, I have always wanted to scrap these photos and put them in an album!

  21. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    Just got mine done with the oldest photos I have with me (2009) and love how t turned out! I’m loving looking Ono the past of everyone else too!

  22. Mel Says:

    Been at work today so only just commenting. But it’s in a craft shop so I shouldn’t complain!! I know just the pic for this one.

  23. Kristin Says:

    I am in the camp of not having anything “retro”, but have plenty of pre-2011 pictures! :) I don’t know how much time I’ll have to work on layouts today (I stayed up WAY, WAY too late last night and can’t let that happen again tonight), but this is definitely something I can work on during the week.

  24. Mary Buttons Says:

    I have used a photo of my dear husband and myself taken in 1990 at a folk dance festival.

  25. Julia Says:

    Only pics from 2009 I’m afraid as I used my older ones yesterday. Another page for the Florida album done though :) Thanks for a fab weekend Shimelle. I’ll be catching up with the rest of the challenges this week.

  26. ConnieC Says:

    Those old family photos I printed are coming in handy this weekend. I’m glad to get a few of them scrapped.

  27. AllisonLP Says:

    I see a pic of one or both of my boyz in black and white or sepia for this challenge…

  28. Linda S Says:

    slow start today but going to the closet to dig out those old pictures. This will really motivate me to scrap those old photos that I said I would “get” to. Thanks for another exciting challenge.

  29. Kim (toomuchstuff) Says:

    Thank you for this challenge! It inspired me to pull out some photos from a 1992 London trip that I’d never scrapped. Now I have a page for my Places We Go album. :-)

  30. Kim Strother Says:

    I’m one of the sad people that has very few picture of myself as a child and the few I do have I am scared to scrap, I have copies of the photo, so it’s not that, but I put this certain pressure on myself to make it a really great layout, and then I get kind of lost in what to do. Do you know what I mean…I think this is an interseting questions…what sort of limitation or pressure do we put on ourselves when we scrap and how can we overcome them? The answer for me is to just do it…so I’m off to get one my old photos and scrap it right now!

  31. Kirsty Says:

    Great fun doing this as it meant rummaging through the pile of ‘retro’ photos to pick something for this challenge. It just showed me how many photos I have that I should scrap and tell the story of…memories that I don’t want to get lost and would some day like to pass on to my children and grandchildren :)

  32. Funkipickle Says:

    I was in the process of putting together a scrapbook for a birthday present and it has so many old photos in it, so this was the perfect challenge. Thanks :)

  33. Jen Clark Says:

    This picture of my sister and I was taken in 2007 – but what’s funny is that I am also working on a “then & now” page because I found a bandana that we wore in the 80’s!!! I can’t wait to get it finished.

  34. lynn Says:

    Finished mine, Had great fun doing this and scrapped some photos I have been meaning to do for a very long time.

  35. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t wait to do this – I wish I had more time right now! I have a photo I love from when I was a little girl.

  36. Jenny A Says:

    I just added my layout! I combined this challenge with the Color Challenge. This is the very first picture taken after giving birth to my son 11 years ago :)

  37. LisaE Says:

    I posted mine. It is from a Girls Weekend in 2002 and also part of our class where we are doing several layout from one set of supplies.

  38. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    I had fun with this one and I wrote so much journaling I didn’t even think about putting a title on it. Thanks !
    Michelle OK

  39. Kim Strother Says:

    I DID IT! I made a layout using a very old photo of me. And I love it!
    Thank you so much for this challenge!

  40. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Tough Challenge! Scrapping older/heritage (yes me) pics is so difficult! Thanks for making me delve into the huge department store bag full of old pics of me! I have been putting off the journey into “the bag” since my mother brought it to me in February!

  41. Marie Says:

    Loved this challenge! Gave me the opportunity to Scrap about classic pictures!

  42. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    Great challenge! I’ve got a tonne of photos I could use for this!

  43. Shannon H. Says:

    The oldest picture I had to scrap was from 1/29/2010, my son’s 100th day of kindergarten. I thought the paper had a retro feel also. Loved how it turned out.

  44. Heather Says:

    used an old baby picture of me, definitely pre-dates 2011 by a long way! added my link

  45. Maja Says:

    Cool challenge, I took a picture from 1986!

  46. Sarah Says:

    Thanks Shimelle….another couple of photos from the queue have been scrapped :) here

  47. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Another great challenge.

  48. Louise Wood Says:

    Love the old photo’s but always struggle how to scrap them, so this definately was a challenge for me, mixed with me using patterned paper which I tend not to do. Once again thanks for the challenge, I can’t believe I’ve done 6 lo’s!!

  49. Cynthia Says:

    This was so much fun, but it made me feel so old!! ;-)

  50. ann Says:

    I loved this challenge! I forgot about I had so many “retro” photos!

  51. Brenda B Says:

    At the risk of really embarrassing myself, I used some photos from 1963, when I was about seven….and wearing a really hideous bathing cap, LOL!

  52. carrie Says:

    Thank you for a great challenge – just the nudge I needed to scrap a couple of my graduation pictures from 2005!

  53. Jenny McGee Says:

    Fun Challenge. I did photos from the 1980s.

  54. Mandy Says:

    Most embarassing photo ever! me and my brother in 1981, glad I scrapped it though as I got to use the October afternoon rocket age range which I bought because I loved but hadn’t a clue how I would use it!!

  55. Emma Says:

    Great challenge & a way for me to appear on a page too! The picture is one of a series taken as a home studio sitting many moons ago – don’t you just love the backdrop! Emma x

  56. So.Creative Says:

    It was the opportunity to remind the woman I was before becoming a mum. Nice challenge, I like it! You can have a look on it on my blog ;-)
    Thanx a lot!

  57. Jen M Says:

    Wasn’t sure what to do for this layout until I found this old photo of me and my husband – it brought back sooo many memories that I struggled to get all of the journalling on the layout! (I combined it with the half page challenge).

  58. Scrapdolly Says:

    This was a great challenge and it made me scrap a picture from 1983 that I had wanted to scrap but was too ‘scared’ to do so.

  59. Peggy Says:

    The photos I used were all taken in the 80s, which I hope is “retro” enough for this challenge.

  60. Jo Says:

    I thought this was such a fun challenge and enjoyed scrapping 10 year old me :)

  61. CB Says:

    So I wouldn’t say that my photos are super-retro; they’re just from last year. But that still counts, right?
    They’re photos of our summer vacation from 2010, and I printed out a bunch when there was a sale, and they’ve literally been gathering dust! So I actually had to RE-print some of the photos until I was happy with the mix. Thanks for the push to get ‘er done!

  62. Wendy Miller Says:

    Just added my entry of a photo from the 80’s, I have so many memories flooding back as a result of this challenge, it’s great :-)

  63. rockchickhelen Says:

    This one was easy, I’ve got loads of older photos ready to be scrapbooked.

  64. Mel Says:

    At last – I’ve managed to upload some lo’s to Two Peas instead of my broken blog! But I added two lo’s to this post. I’m giving up – lol

  65. emma clark Says:

    have had the photo I used for this in my photo box for ages after failing to use it on another layout. so thanks for making me do this Shimelle, it finally gets it out of the way lol xxx

  66. Alison Says:

    Loved this one and enjoyed playing with some of Lydia Caps and Rick Solway’s Flickr images – thanks and acknowlegement to them and thanks to Shimelle for a great challenge!

  67. Cathy Green Says:

    Yay, have finally uploaded this challenge and used an ancient and not so ancient photo – I really enjoyed this challenge :)

  68. Amanda Says:

    Had a happy afternoon scrapping a cute picture of my daughter from 2002. Thank you.

  69. Ann Says:

    My Christening in 1972 count as retro? I hope so! Thanks for another great challenge!

  70. Michelle Easters Says:

    I am so glad you chose this weekend for your online crop Shimelle. The challenges are giving me some inspiration just when I need it most.Hope you like my entry of my dad aged 14 and I don’t envy you having to choose winners :)

  71. Jenny Says:

    I used a photo from the 80’s, did find it hard find something to go with this picture, but I like it now it’s done :-)

  72. Wrightboysmum Says:

    I really enjoyed breaking these papers out and scrapping these photos. Thanks for a great challenge.

  73. Gina Says:

    I started this one with the 7” square challenge in mind, but I went waaaay outside the lines, so I put it in the Retro Challenge catagory. 1968 is pretty retro, don’t you think? Thanks for all the fun challenges this week. Sometimes that is the push I need to actually sit down and get some of my many photos scrapped!

  74. Jenny B Says:

    This was great fun, I enjoyed it so much. I’ve used paper I love that I was struggling so much to work with :)

  75. ellen Roberg-Askim Says:

    Lucky that my husband just found these forgotten photoes, great challenge!

  76. Bethan Says:

    Can’t believe I’ve scrapped and uploaded a Lo with a picture of me on it. Great challenge.

  77. Immi Says:

    This one was fun to do. I just got these photos recently from my sister.

  78. Alyssa Says:

    Posted. Now I have to ask my parents for more deets about the photo!

  79. luluuk Says:

    I have so many photos to scrap, but always tend to scrap the ones that have just arrived! thanks for suggesting an older pic. This is from 2008 when son #3 was born. x

  80. Jane Says:

    Did a little trip down memory lane – back to the dim dark ages!!

  81. Caroline Says:

    I cheated (kind of) and scrapped a pic from last year. It’s not totally retro but I’m really chuffed with the outcome. Thanks for these challenges Shimelle, you’ve restored my creativity.

  82. CoCo Says:

    Yay! Got to scrap some photos from 2006 that I had ‘almost’ tackled a few times. Thanks a million Shimelle!

  83. Natalie G Says:

    Another Halloween LO from me – is 2007 retro enough? I loved finally getting these photos on a page!

  84. Debbie Wilby Says:

    OK so this was the hardest one – mainly as it was difficult to select papers to go with these pictures of my nephew, but I’m pleased with how it all turned out!

  85. Anne Says:

    Photos from 2003 – while we were in Paris. Made me nostalgic. It was our favorite vacation. Thanks for allowing me to go back. :)

  86. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Phew, that’s me done. It was great to have an excuse to use some of our RTW trip photos from 2003.

  87. Yolanda Says:

    I choose an old photo from around 1974/5

  88. Patty Says:

    Having fun playing catch up on these challenges this weekend!

  89. Sinead Says:

    A photo from my first birthday in 1993 – definitely retro! Thanks for inspiring me Shimelle xx

  90. Louise Pettman Says:

    Is a 1980 baby pic retro enough?

  91. Lucy Says:

    Great challenge, I didn’t have anything really retro so 2010 had to do, but I added more retro by using some really old papers from my stash!

  92. Briel Says:

    Yeah! I got one challenge done. I’m right under the wire for your time, but I did it! Even though I only completed this one challenge I enjoyed every bit of the content and will be following along for more fun soon. Thanks for a great week of scrappiness.

  93. AndreaHB Says:

    This challenge worked great with my theme… ty!

  94. NancyLee Says:

    It’s late but I did want to scrap this photo so here it is… Thanks again for the challenge…

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