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Follow your wishing heart

If you ever want to alienate a teenager, get rid of your television.

The kids are continually amazed that I can exist without a TV (so are the folks at TV licensing, but that’s a different matter) and about once a week, a student will come up to me and ask ‘Is it true?’ When I confirm their worst fears, they immediately want to know what on earth I could do when I should be watching TV.

I suppose this is sorta it.

I tell them I have plenty of other things to do. So here is the first one: sewing little things from felt to wear. Because it’s Tuesday. You can totally do this.

You’ll need some felt, some thread, a needle, scissors, a safety pin, some sort of stuffing and a few buttons.

Since May is all about sharing the heart-shaped love, we’re going with a heart shape straight away. Using a template or freehanding it, cut a heart from felt in a size appropriate to what you want to make. Little for a hair pin, medium for a label pin and giant for a pillow. Once you get one heart just as you like it, use it to cut a second just the same.

Choose one of those hearts and add whatever decoration you would like. You might cut another smaller heart and stitch it on, then add some buttons. You might stitch your name or a word straight across the felt. Or you might wish you could freehand cut a bird, realise you have a bird the right size on a stamp, stamp that bird onto felt, cut it out and turn it over, then stitch it town and add some sparkly buttons for it to sit on. Or you might do something else.

Sew a safety pin to the back of the other heart (make sure you get the right side to make the two hearts line up). Or sew whatever else you want to attach here, like a hair clip or a shoelace. Don’t be tempted to sew the safety pin before your design—that will be the time you totally goof and want the other heart for a do-over. So safety-pin second just in case.

Then for the sewing…you’ll need plenty of thread (it takes more than you may guess) and a needle. Read Heather’s tutorial for the best knot ever. It really is.
Hold the two hearts together, just as they should be when they are finished. With that knot in your thread, go to the dip in the middle of the heart. Start with the needle in between the two layers, going up through the top one. Take the needle down to the bottom heart and push back up to the top so that first stitch is secure. Then just keep stitching around, pushing the needle up from the bottom to the top and back again. Stop when you get nearly all the way around, but not quite. You need to have room to add the stuffing. Push the stuffing in (these are little so you can use cotton balls or scrap yarn or whatever else is fluffy if you don’t have traditional stuffing handy) and move it around until you’re happy with it—it’s harder to even it out once it’s sewn in. Then finish your stitches around to where you started, and make sure the last few stitches are nice and secure with a knot. (Don’t worry too much—the back won’t show so if it gets a bit scary, just stitch through to the back and knot it there and no one but you will ever know.)

Pin to something and smile everytime someone asks you where you got such an adorable thing.

Now here’s the fun part: if you make something inspired by this, I hope you’ll share it with everyone! Here’s a badge you can display if you post it on your blog or something like that:

That way, you can share the love by linking back to the instructions if someone wants to know how you made it. :) Plus if you heart flickr, you can post your pictures in the Share the {Crafty} Love Flickr Group By the end of May, it should be filled with images, since there’s a project pretty much every day in May! {I’m just gonna keep saying that because it’s fun.}

And one more thing: I’ve got a lovely little sampler of felt to give to one lucky person who comments on this post. Entries will close one week from today, so 9am London time on Tuesday 8th May. (Just to clarify: you don’t have to be in the UK to win. Anywhere is cool!)


ETA: turning comments off as this one seems to be spam target o’ the day on the internets.

01 May 2007

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105 Comments for Follow your wishing heart

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Wow! Love your felt projects! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to make some.

  2. nadine Says:

    i had no idea you were a teacher shimelle, that’s cool. do you ever work scrapbooking into the classroom?

  3. cath chapman Says:

    Love your blog, so smilie and happy. keep up the good work.PS. love the felt hearts too :)

  4. Stephanie Says:

    This is so cute…I’m struck with inspiration for an idea already!

  5. Julie Ratcliffe Says:

    Gorgeous little pins. Now if only we could get rid of our TV my 15 year old would have finished her Food Tech course work weeks ago! And I would have a whole stash of crafty gifts to give away. You are such an inspiration. Thanks so much. Julie X

  6. ConnieC Says:

    Cute little pins. I can’t wait to see all the projects that are coming this month. I get so much inspiration from you and your blog.

  7. Beth Costello Says:

    Love your inspiration! For the crafties and to get rid of the TV!!

  8. Rosemary Says:

    Very cool stuff! :)

  9. Jess (Scrapbook Ideas) Says:

    I am SO glad I found this lovely place! I already feel quite at home :). P.S. I’m from the USA – I don’t know if that excludes me from the prize drawing :).

  10. Linh Chin-Lai Says:

    Very cute project!

  11. Julie Z Says:

    those are too cute for words shimelle!! love them, and have to try with some felt i bought a few weeks ago that’s been looking at me from the corner of my desk!

  12. Leauriy Says:

    i think i can do this very doable, even my 5 1/2 yr old can join in the fun! it was turn off tv week last week and she wants to do it again this week…so what the heck, we can now make cute little felt hearts!! thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Cath Says:

    What a great start.
    I just have to wait for my felt to arrive as I cannot get it here.

  14. Yvonne Fay Says:

    Love the felt hearts! Great to have something to look forward to every day

  15. Song Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t check your blog whilst at work! Now I have to wait all day with ideas spinning around in my head wanting to get started!

  16. Natty Says:

    My that is just so cute! I will have to play with my meagre yet new felt stash and birdies – I heart the birdies!

  17. Hannah Brockett Says:

    I am so jelous that you don’t have a TV to distract you from doing so many more forfilling things with your time… unfortunately my husband would go nuts if we had no TV so I simply have to use my will power to keep me away… but the bright lights and mind numbing effect do win every so often… Well felt hearts.. what can I say.. I have so many Idea’s.. I could make my own scrapbook embellishments… or a card embellishment that could be taken of by the recipient and doubles as a pin.. a felt key ring would be cool.. thanks Shamielle..fab as always..

    PS.. I remember being at school and my friends found out we didn’t have a microwave at home.. oh my god they truely didn’t understand how we survived…oh and we also didn’t have sky TV.. well they were simply dumb struck… and this was approx 15 years ago.. :)

  18. Topeka Jen Says:

    LOL… Bailey and Kevin honestly think the world would end if we didn’t have cable. there eyes glaze over and they become pale when I tell them that Grandad B. refused to get cable tv when I was a kid, so I grew up without it.
    Oh, and I LOVE the pins.
    I finally know what Bailey and Kevin are making Grandmothers for Mother’s Day! Thanks for the instructions chica!
    Oh… and FYI. My baby #3 is being born on Halloween. :)

  19. Dawn Says:

    I made one and it didn’t take long! I used fleece as I’m on a stash embargo no buying anything for me (except the blue flowers I needed for a LO)I will also use it on a LO/LOs to, may be a CJ I have to do.

  20. Deb Says:

    I have been collecting different colours of felt and buttons for a few weeks now, and for no good reason except that they are strangely irrisistable! Well, now I have a reason. Hurrah! This project-a-day thingy is going to be quite probably The Coolest Thing In The World!

  21. Chloe Says:

    Well it feels like I have no TV since my boyfriend got Sky Sports – its more like staring at a perpetual football pitch! But its done wonders for my crafting. Love the felt hearts – may pop out to buy some felt today…

  22. Maricarmen Says:

    I love your talent and your imagination! A beautiful heart! Thank you for the instructions!

  23. ali Says:

    WOW!!! I want to make lots of little felt pins now, but I’m meant to be revising for my SATs. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. xx

  24. Zoe Says:

    How cute is that? Coll idea Shimelle.

    Zoe x

  25. Beck Says:

    Love the hearts, so simple yet so effective, think i will try them with my infant class in Art Week. Not forgetting to make plenty for myself.

  26. jill s Says:

    here’s mine!!:)


    can’t wait to see what everyone else does.

  27. Chloe Says:

    Here is my little felt heart!: http://cloclo1.blogspot.com/
    Really enjoyed making this :)

  28. Jennie Says:

    Hi Shimelle – I will have to have ago at this! Though it might not be a felt heart – hope that doesn’t matter?

  29. JULIA Says:

    I am going to make one of these for my daughter to cheer her up during exam time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. marci lambert Says:

    love love love your little hearts!

  31. Sarah B. Says:

    Fantastic idea, and it let me use a new hedgie button. Thanks for the month to come! :)

  32. Tam Says:

    I’m having a small love affair with felt lately, so this was perfect. Love it! Here’s my heart, which became a hairclip:


  33. Angela Says:

    TV seems to becoming less important for me lately and I love felt. Can’t wait to get home from work and make something!

  34. tiz Says:

    here’s mine:
    I’m not good at sewing but i really love how it come out, thanks a lot for the inspiration :)

  35. helsbells Says:

    This is such a great idea. Love the blinkie too :D

  36. Paula Says:

    I love your projects Shimelle. I buy Scrapbook Inspirations every month, and your stuff really stands out.

    Fab blog too. Makes me smile. :)

  37. Sara Says:

    What a lovely idea. I’ve just made a badge and then a hairband. Can’t wait to see what else is happening in May!

  38. kirsti Says:

    Thanks for such a fun pattern & idea! I had to put one together right away for her. I’m a teacher too, at a school of the arts, and this weekend I am taking some students up to volunteer with my mom at a cultural festival…and this little “love” will be such a nice thank you treat for her! :)

  39. Maggie Says:

    Lovely idea for heart month. I’m going to get my five yr old to help decorate a few as presents for mother’s day. Thanks so much. (No t.v. the kids and dad would go A-wall).

  40. Freedom Says:

    This pin is great! Going to make one later.My kids are away at the moment and I don’t know myself with the peace and quiet and….no TV!

  41. Sara Says:

    Love this idea!!! Guess I’ll have to dig out the felt!

  42. Rachel Kulak Says:

    You made the cutest thing ever! I’m so making it this weekend. Don’t you just love felt?

  43. Robyn W Says:

    thanks so much Shimelle for your inspiration, loving it

  44. Jacqui Says:

    There is no end to your talents! Think they look fab xx

  45. Dennylyn Says:

    Just the right kind of projects – quick and cute! Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  46. hayley Says:

    I love this project, I am hooked of felt at the moment so this has given me great ideas, thanks for sharing. I am loving May!!

  47. jaki Says:

    Loving the idea here Shimelle and so glad I found it early in the month :)
    I’ll be keeping an eye on you all the way from Australia…now off to find my felt!

  48. StarGazer Says:

    Would love to make this but I don’t have any felt…:(

  49. Anso Says:

    Hi Shimelle :)

    (Posting from my boyfriend’s computer again because of the IE7 problem) I really, really loved this project!! Got my felt out and cut my little templates and then sat on the sofa and did the sewing. It was done in no time at all!! :) Sooo impressed :)

    Here’s my project:

    Oh and I managed to get those buttons you mentioned – thanks :)

    Thanks again for a super cute project and looking forward to more to come :)

    Take care :)


  50. michelle sanders Says:

    Umm…yeah…totally lovin’ this! Your felt heart inspired a funky little layout. You can see it here

  51. leanne Says:

    loving the felt badges – love the idea of using stamps to get the shapes!

  52. Kate Says:

    Love it – what a cute idea. I got a bit carried away and made a bigger birdie too…decorating my bag now :) Piccies on my blog xx

  53. beth logan Says:

    cute hearts-esp. the one with the bird! enjoy reading your blog.

    beth l.

  54. doverdi Says:

    Love your felt projects & your blog. I am always so inspired by the things that you do. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity.

  55. Carla Says:


  56. Jan Says:

    I love the little felt hearts. Must look out my felt and beads and get creating one evening this week. Good on you for not having tv. I have already said that when ours packs up we will not be buying another one.

  57. Gemma Says:

    Loving this game. Here’s my felt heart pin

  58. Gemma Says:

    Sorry, that link didn’t work. Try again

  59. pam Says:

    love it!!! My daughter and I used felt hearts sewn together as little purses with ribbons for the straps this last valentines day – it was so cute for her little friends!

  60. lemon Says:

    my heart is on my blog shimelle. i had a fab time doing it and ive just finished a felt flower magnet for my fridge as well

  61. lemon Says:

    my heart is on my blog shimelle. i had a fab time doing it and ive just finished a felt flower magnet for my fridge as well.

  62. Cath Says:

    I loved this, mine is on my blog. Now off to do flowers.

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