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Right: Back to School

Learn Something New

Ready to go back to school?

Ok, really I wouldn’t mind a bit more summer…but time keeps on going, so we make the best of it. One of the highlights of September has to be that back to school feeling. Even if you’ve been out of school for years, you can buy yourself a new notebook and feel like life is a little bit new.

Learn Something New Every Day is the first class for our autumn term. Over the month of September, we’ll make thirty entries in this small-format book designed to getting your eyes open to observing your world.

Worried about time? Fair enough. It does take time to make an entry every day. But the pages are small (6 inches square) and we’ll use some short cuts to keep your supplies to a nice small collection and we’ll focus on summary journalling rather than documenting each day with a full report. And every day you have the option of just duplicating the example page, so that could even eliminate your thinking time. We’re talking minutes every day here.

In this class, you get:

*An introductory shout-out to get you going

*30 daily prompts with full colour samples

*The chance to chat and share your work with other artists

*Posting access on the group blog

Class begins September 1. Don’t be late!

I’m sorry, this class is now sold out. Please e-mail me if you would like to prebook a place on this class for a future month.

Any questions? Just stick ‘em in the comments & I’ll get an answer to you asap.

Feels great to have something enjoyable for back to school!


21 August 2006

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72 Comments for Right: Back to School

  1. rhi Says:

    love the site shim. okay, so my question. i go on holiday from the 2nd of sep for that week, is there still any way i could do this lesson? i won’t have internet access for that week btw.
    rhi x

  2. shimelle.~* Says:

    No problem Rhi—you could download the prompts early and take them with you if you wanted to work on them while you were away, or you could wait to start when you returned and just have your book start that day instead of on the 1st of september. :)

  3. Trish D Says:

    Love the new site! I am so excited about the new class! Looking forward to it!!

  4. Mel Says:

    This sounds fun! Is the aim to use limited supplies to complete an album?

  5. shimelle.~* Says:

    Mel—yep, the supply list is both quite short and adaptable to your own stash. There’s the option to buy the supplies to make it match the sample album but there’s also advice on how to customise it to your style and stash. :) Hope you’ll join us!

  6. Liz Says:

    Sounds great – but is this scrapping, art journalling or both?

  7. pmk Says:

    Love the new site…anything pink has my vote! Looking forward to this class – it will be my first so please be gentle!!

  8. shimelle.~* Says:

    Hiya Liz,

    This album can be done in either style to suit your taste. It’s a bit of a hybrid…since scrapbooking is normal paper craft with words and photos in an album (yes, we’re doing that!) but journals are books we write in every day to record bits of our lives (yes, we’re doing that too!) I guess we’re in a grey area.

    You can make the pages your own – go as graphic or as artsy as you like.

  9. shimelle.~* Says:

    pmk—no problem! and welcome and thank you!! i always love new faces!

  10. Vikki Says:

    I have just paid but I would like the prompts to go to another email address.. How do I do that?

  11. shimelle.~* Says:

    Hi Vikki! Just let me know via email where they should go. No problem!

  12. Tina Says:

    Just signed up, this will be my first class. I’m hoping that it will give me some me time because Septembers always so busy as I work in a junior school.

  13. Michaela Says:

    Hello! I’m knew to all this but would love to give it a go! It sounds interesting! The only things I’m worried about are a) having enough bits & bobs and b) having enough time to do it!

  14. rhi Says:

    Cool! I’ll prob end up doing a bit of both when i’m away, not every prompt, but not nothing at all either!
    Thanks shim, looking forward to it!

  15. Natty Says:

    Hey Shim!

    Love the new-look site, it’s looking great! :oD

  16. Judi Says:

    Site looks fab, Shim. Class sounds inspirational.

  17. Julie S. Says:

    I really love your classes, but am still unsure what this one is like. Any chance of seeing a sample page?? Thanks!

  18. Leslie Says:

    I just signed up!

  19. shimelle.~* Says:

    Julie, I will see what I can do. Stay tuned.

  20. Staci Says:

    I am away the last week of september – how much “stuff” would I need to take with me to complete on time.

  21. shimelle.~* Says:

    Not much Staci—especially by the last week, you’ll have a handle on what you need for each page. You’d just need a few bits of paper, plus pen, scissors and glue. You could always add a few bits later if you wanted. :)

  22. Rosemary Says:

    I see there is no other choice. No use resisting. hits paypal button

  23. Robyn L Says:

    sounds great ! Is there a cutoff date for signups, Shimelle?

    Thanks :)

  24. Rhonda Says:

    Hi Shimelle! I can’t wait to take another class from you. Will we get the supplies early so we can get stuff ready before the 1st?
    Thanks for another great class!

  25. Amy Says:

    I’m excited to finally take an on-line class with you! I’m worried about time since I’m a teacher, too, but Sept. is a full month, so I know I’ll have lots to write about!

  26. Michaela Says:

    I’ve signed up (now feeling very nervous!)!! What supplies do we need?

  27. Christina Says:

    I’m very interested but am such a visual person, could we get a sample of what one of the prompts would be? Also is this a scrapbook or a journal? Thanks!! It sounds very exciting!

  28. DebsW Says:

    Well this has come at exactly the right time as my husband is working away during the week for a while starting 4th September!!!!!!! Sounds great – all booked up and ready!
    Love the new site Shim it’s gorgeous!

  29. Sally R Says:

    Looking forward to this one. Be good to have an on-going project.

  30. Sally R Says:

    Well I’m here now and on a scrapping roll so let’s keep it moving. The supplies look interesting. Here goes…another bashing on the plastic card!

  31. Song Says:

    cheque is in the post – can’t wait to start. Love the new site btw :)

  32. Tiffany Sherman Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Boy, Atlanta feels like it was years ago! Did you get my signature off without rubbing yourself raw ? I just signed up for your class. I’m looking forward to this NEW way of scrap/journal classes (I’ve never done an online class). Glad you’re home safe-and-sound! Hope “the boy” is well. Two boob salute!

  33. Song Says:

    Sally mentions the supplies – have I missed something?


    Hello, I just signed up. This is my first time, though I keep a sketchbook. More of an art person than a scrapbook person, though I happily do both… I am sending you details of the email account I would like you to use, and I am away on 21 September until about the 25th… can I get those day’s prompts before I go? Will be taking basic sketching supplies with me to the coast…

  35. Steph Says:

    Hi,I’ve just signed up (and am very excited)!!!I would like the emails sent to another email address. Where do I email?


  36. kim Says:

    just been told about this and have had a nosy ,mm quite interesting ,would love to join in ,is it just for the american folk or can we brits join in too ,and what do you get for your $15

  37. Bec Says:

    Just heard about the course and am very tempted…. how much time do you reckon we would need each day?

  38. Chris Says:

    Hi just found your website and think it’s fab. Never done an on-line course before and am really tempted by this one. What’s on the supply list?

  39. Jaine Says:

    Just signed up – not sure what I’m letting myself in for but hey – let’s live dangerously!!

  40. Sue Says:

    signed up!! how much time ‘in advance’ will we have to purchase materials we need..? :) s.

  41. Pam Says:

    I’ve never done an online class before, and I’ve never done this kinda scrapbooking before, but I am reeeeeally looking forward to it!

  42. Chris Says:

    Right have stopped dithering and signed up for this. Now I’m all excited.

  43. shirley Says:

    Just signed up for this, I did the Christmas journal and it really helped me stay up beat during those horrible first days of the new year. I’m hoping this little book will help beat the back to school blues

  44. Another Shirley here! Says:

    This sounds great – something to look forward to every day, not sure I will have the time, but promise to find some time every single day. Saw this on UKS and thought I would sign up too

  45. Ginny (Gillian) Says:

    Have signed up. This is my first on-line class. I’m away from5th to 12th Sept so hope to download prompts and take them with me. Is this possible?

  46. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve just signed up! Can’t wait to start your class in a few days! Thanks! :-)

  47. Jo Says:

    looking forward to starting this, never done anything like it before!

  48. wildkat Says:

    Looking forward to this,i too have never done anything like this…..Oerrr

  49. karen Says:

    I’ve done it! I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the class – I’m really excited now!

  50. jane Says:

    i heard about this on uks and i think it sounds fun but i have never done a scrapbook, only atc’s and cards, do you think i would be able to do this ?

  51. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    I just signed up on Friday – 8/25 and I didn’t get the email with the list. Can you please send it to me?

  52. kara Says:

    i can’t get the link for the class supplies to work, can you please advise?

  53. Tracy Says:


    I have literally just signed up, how long will the class list etc take to come through, I am keen to get organised and have only 1 day – eek

  54. Linda Says:

    Just signed up, looking forward to this class. Hope it gives me loads of ideas and inspiration. Where do I find the supply list?

  55. Kathy Young Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I just signed up. Looks like fun! You’ll see the wrong name on my paypal slip it’s KATHY not Martin!! he’s my husband. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  56. Ali Says:

    last-minute sign up! I’m new to this but I’m looking forward to it!

  57. Jan Says:

    Hi Shimelle. Signed up last night. Can’t wait to start. When will I get my supplies list?

  58. Jackie Williams Says:

    Last mintue sign up (today). Instead of the email listed with PayPal, would you please send me the supply list and class emails to Thanks.

  59. Clair Simmons Says:

    Sorry I am late forgot to sign up yesterday :) looking forward to this even though i will be busy having a baby later this month!!!

  60. JoAnn Says:

    I just signed up, even though it’s Sept 1. I hope that’s ok. I just found your site today and this is my birthday present to myself.

  61. Linda Says:

    I don’t have any class info as yet, help?

  62. alyssa Says:

    I’m a late signer-upper as well. Truly don’t think I could be more excited. Whheeeeee!

  63. Sudha Neelakantan Says:

    Hi: I signed up yesterday as well
    was wondering how I access the class and get to do the class since I have not heard from you as yet

  64. Kelly V Says:

    Hi there,
    I noticed the note about the class being sold out; can you please keep me on your list for next time? I’d love to try something new and this would be all new for me. Let me know. Thanks. Kelly

  65. Anna Z. Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I did your Christmas journal class last year and LOVED it! I’d love to sign up for this class the next time it becomes available. Thanks!

  66. mary Says:

    please add my name to the list for the next session of learn something new everyday!

  67. Kelly L Says:

    Awww I just found out about this class, never mind :( I would like to know if you will be running the Journal Your Christmas again this year, I failed to complete last years due to DH in hospital and I was gutted so I would love to give it another shot! thanks for being such an inspiration

  68. Sherri S Says:


    Please add me to the class list for the next class “Learn Something New Every Day”. Please have another SOON!!!!

  69. Pauline Knight Says:

    I heard about this class when in the UK recently, and would love to “have a go” at some time in the future. Please put me on your list to advise if/when you do this class again. Thanks

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