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Class kick-off party time!

I promised a kick-off party and I promised prizes, so let’s not waste any time!

Prizes to be won:

One set of all five of my Banana Frog stamps (almost £60 retail!)
One set of Paper Chains stamps
One set of Circus Stories stamps
One set of Backgrounds stamps
One minibook kit
One $10 gift certificate to Two Peas

For one winner, I will pay your way for you and a friend on my next online workshop, which starts on the 15th of February! (registration details soon!)

How to enter and win:
Leave a comment below for one place in the draw. (If you comment more than once, your name will only go in the draw once.)
Post about This Year, the free online class we’re starting, on your blog (or Facebook, delicious, etc). Link to this post in your blog post. Leave a comment below with a link to your blog post for two places in the draw. You can take a picture of your supplies for your blog post or use this picture that will keep cropping up through this project or share a photo you’ve taken after reading the getting ready prompt—absolutely whatever you fancy! It’s all part of the kick-off party so might as well pretty up blogland however you see fit!

Entries will close at midnight Sunday night – London time (GMT), so you have this weekend to party it up as we get started with This Year (which I promise is not a book of resolutions or anything of the sort, even if the name + the January timing might make it seem so). ETA: it’s just gone midnight here so I’m closing the comments. Winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!

There are seven prizes to be won, and it’s Friday night! What are we waiting for? Let the party begin!


16 January 2009

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278 Comments for Class kick-off party time!

  1. karenika Says:

    i love this idea shimelle and your classes are always so amazing that I can’t wait to see more :)

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hey Shimelle, I love giveaways, but which page do we link to? It says “this page” but no link…
    P.S. Happy Friday :)

  3. cate Says:

    I posted on facebook and my blog….

  4. Becca Says:

    This class sounds great.. I have participated in a few of your online & “real” classes now.. can’t not do this one!!

  5. Lainey Says:

    How considerate of you do host this class whilst I’m on winter break! ;)

    Thanks so much, Shimelle! xoxo

  6. Becky Gotch Says:

    Wow! I love your classes – can’t wait to make a real start on this :)

  7. make art every day Says:

    this class sounds wonderful. i put a link on my blog (, which i would have done anyway.

  8. Donna Says:

    Sounds like fun, Shim. I need something inspiring to do this winter before the big move. Here’s my blog: I shall post a link there to your kick-off party.

  9. Mariangeles_spain Says:

    I love giveaways!!!

    I posted the class yesterday in my Facebook as soon as I read your post :o)

  10. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    You have me totally curious and can’t wait to see the way this will go! Can’t wait for Feb. 15th either … tonight I’m playing catch-up with Scrap Your Day!!! :)

  11. Lainey Says:

    Posted a link for you as well {here}. xoxo

  12. heather rene Says:

    How very generous of you! What a great opportunity.

  13. Roo Says:

    Have loved your online classes and the IRL one at Scrapagogo last year … this sounds like fun!

  14. Rebecca Says:

    This looks like another fab class, can’t wait to get started!

  15. Sue Thomas Says:

    I love a good kick off party! How fun!!!!! Can’t wait to see how that beautiful photo comes up in the project!

  16. Smeepee Says:

    Ooooh how exciting!! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  17. Laura Buckingham Says:

    ohh free stuff is good stuff!


    L x

  18. Colleen F Says:

    Just took the JYC class for the 1st time and LOVED it, so excited to see a free mini class. Thanks

  19. Shirley Says:

    Just manged to put all my JYC pages on my blog today. I always love to play along with your classes. Doing December SYD today. Must make sure the camera ready for next week. Can’t wait to see what you have instore for February 15th now!

  20. Kathy Says:

    I’m playing along! Thanks for a free class!

  21. katie scott Says:

    can’t wait to see what you have in store :)

  22. Alison Says:

    Another great class Shimelle thank you very much. My mojo is hiding somewhere so hopefully this class will kickstart it for me, and an added bonus of winning something. What more could I ask for?


  23. Lisa Edney Says:

    Excellent! Check my blog :)

  24. jane Says:

    I totally love your classes. Can’t wait to get started on this one and anxiously awaiting the Feb class. You rock!

  25. Colleen F Says:

    Forgot to mention that I posted on my blog

  26. Sandy Pool Says:

    I made a button for my blog!

  27. Isolde Says:

    You are such a sweet person, so many giveaways.

  28. Julia Says:

    Looking forward to this…I’m really missing my daily JYC prompts! Thanks for the free class, Shimelle :)

  29. Sarah Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I’ve linked to the class on my blog –

    (2nd post, but the only one intended to go in the draw :) )
    Thanks for another fab class to look forward to!

  30. Susan Says:

    Love a chance for something free! Aways inspired by your work, Shimelle. Thank you!
    Sue x

  31. Brittany Says:

    I can’t wait for this class. I loved JYC!!

    Posted on blog at

  32. Natalie A Says:

    This is awesome Shimelle and I am so excited about it :) Party!!

  33. Jenny Says:

    I’ve just finished JYC so thanks for this mini class, I haven’t scrapped anything since ! Looking forward to it x x

  34. Barbara Says:

    Thanks for the free class. Looking forward to it. Will have to work out how to link to my blog.

  35. Nali P. Says:


  36. Joan Fowler Says:

    OOOOOOH, please count me in. I love prizes and I love your classes.

  37. Helen Says:

    Great idea Shimelle, raring to go…

  38. Vickie S Says:

    Wow, this class sounds great! I am new to your site and love what I am seeing. I have added you to my favorites & playing along with this free class. Thanks for the opportunity to win free stuff!

  39. Sarah*h Says:

    It’s very cool that you are doing this Shimelle!

  40. ConnieC Says:

    I added the link to the posts on my blog. I can’t wait to get started on a new project.

  41. joanold Says:

    This looks like a great idea. I can’t wait to get started.

  42. Tracey Says:


  43. Beth D Says:

    I love a good party! Thanks so much for the new (free!) class and the great giveaways. I am excited to gather my stuff for the project this weekend and am even taking Monday off work as well. Happy weekend all!

  44. Debbie Says:

    Thank you for offering this free class.

  45. Pauline Clark Says:

    Hi Shimelle:
    What a great bunch of giveaways….and not only this class…another coming up in February. How exciting? I’ve posted a link to Right Now on my blog at Thanks again!

  46. jen Says:

    Woo hoo – can’t wait to start your class. :)

  47. sheree Says:

    yeahh im so excited to be doing this class… i love your online classes shimelle and im looking forward to many more this year…

    thanks for the inspriation


  48. Megan P Says:

    I LOVE your blog, so much inspiration and handy ideas!! Giveways are an upside too! :) Thanks for everything!
    -Megan P

  49. Amanda Says:

    Hi Shimelle – thank you so much for the freebie. I think with all the financial problems in the world just now we are all loving the word FREE. :-)x

    I linked you to my blog

  50. heather rene Says:

    I just posted on my blog:

    I’m looking forward to the class!!!
  51. lynne1973 Says:

    Can’t wait for the class to start! Thanks Shimelle

  52. Tracy Says:

    Have been thinking about supplies today, looking forward to the prompts now. Thanks for this freebie.

  53. Leana Lucas Says:

    I always look forward to your classes!

  54. Donna Says:

    Looking forward to the class starting! Thanks Shimelle!

  55. Madeline St Onge Says:

    I have become such a Shimelle groupie, I have been stalking this blog since 8 am EST this morning. I think I need a 7 step program. Can’t wait for this to start and February 15 to get here

  56. erink Says:

    I am so excited! I am on a budget freeze in the scrapping department, so a free class is right up my alley! Thanks for the giveaway and the class.

  57. 2amscrapper Says:

    I love giveaways. Not sure how to post yet.

  58. Sara R. Says:

    Fairly certain it’s late now for you…lol. BUT, I am so excited to have been told about your online class! Thanks for doing this!

  59. Annie2 Says:

    Fantastic Shimelle – I love your classes, thanks for doing this.

  60. Jenny Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for us next:) Love that photo too!

  61. Ani Says:

    wow – free stuff!
    The ‘this year’ class sounds cool…..


  62. Pippa P Says:

    Thanks for the chance Shimelle – really looking forward to “This Year”

  63. Sianba Says:

    I just love your classes, and can hardly wait to get started on this one :-)
    I’ve also posted it on my blog:

  64. Lisa P Says:

    Oops! Computer is acting funny. I meant to say can’t wait to begin. Thanks for the chance. ;o)

  65. Deb Says:

    thanks for all your amazing classes, looking forward to this one too

  66. Dianne Says:

    Pick me, Shimelle.
    What imagination and energy you have!

  67. Liza Says:

    I am looking forward to this. Love your classes!

  68. kymmie Says:

    Yay for another Shimelle class!

  69. glee stormont Says:

    whoo hoo! i really want to scrap my heart out this year, more than just pics of my kids. Love you all!
    peace, out.

  70. Dawn F. Says:

    I absolutely love your classes. Thanks for doing this.

  71. Karen Says:

    Love all your classes, thanks for the inspiration.

  72. NikkiFB Says:

    Always love your classes! Thanks for this little pick-me-up in a pretty brutal January. I posted on my blog:

  73. heather Says:

    hey you! thanks for stopping by my blog. here’s a link to my post for the draw. thanks again for doing this. YAY!

  74. Cheryl Says:

    Wow, can hardly wait for this class!

  75. Donna Says:

    Love your classes. Can’t wait to get going on this one.

  76. Bernadette Says:

    This is so exciting. Than you for the generous opportunity, to take a step back and see where and who I am. :)

  77. Monda Says:

    Love the project – and the opportunity to work on this intriguing topic. Thanks!

  78. cyndi Says:

    this is so awesome and i am so excited. i linked it in my blog here

  79. Dina Says:

    So excited to get started. Thanks for a chance at the great giveaways. So generous!

  80. anne leglise Says:

    hey, i can’t wait to get started on this class. thanks a lot!

  81. Cheryl Smith Says:

    MUAW! Your classes are the best—-can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  82. SusanH Says:

    Wow – can’t wait to follow along with this class! Thanks!

  83. Ginny Says:

    I can’t wait for this class!

  84. nineweare Says:

    So enjoyed JYC. Looking forward to doing this!

  85. alissa Says:

    i can’t wait to get started on this new project, shimelle. thank you! you are the best!


  86. KK Says:

    I mentioned it on Facebook this morning but I’m going to go pretty it up!

  87. Steph Says:

    Oh I love your classes

  88. Kirsty Angus Says:

    I am quite new to all this blog-stuff. I did JYC though and enjoyed it so much. You are a great teacher (and I should know because I am too!)

  89. scrapaloha Says:

    Thanks so much for the class. I can’t wait to get started! It’s nice to know that you have taken your passion for SB to a new level (quit your other job). It’s been a while since I had time to catch up on your news!
    Congrats! It’s all well deserved. Looking forward to this class! A friend and I are taking it. ;)

  90. Annette Navarro Says:

    Very excited to take this class. I love all your work. Especially your ideas for journaling. You ROCK Shimelle!

  91. Ali Says:

    Thanks so much for this class Shimelle..
    Ive loved all the other ones of yours that Ive followed..
    take care,all the best for 2009
    Ali M

  92. Beck C Says:

    Prizes? You rock! Pick me!!!Ha ha ha

  93. Helen Says:

    Shimelle, I’m getting really excited about THIS YEAR project; I just finished Xmas journal—we have had FLu around here—the FREEDOM project was pure fun, so I’m impatient …I have no blog or thing like that, hope I have a chance to win, have a great weekend !

  94. Deb Says:

    Ooooh, a new Shimelle class … I’m so looking forward to this one starting!

  95. Hannah Says:

    Thank you Shimelle, it’s so kind of you to do this class…I just got some lovely supplies out…can’t wait to get started! Hx

  96. Rachel Howells Says:

    thanks for this opportunity. would love to win one of the prizes

  97. Trees Says:

    Thanks so much for this Shimelle am hoping a few other friends will be inspired to give this a go! Have blogged here.

  98. leanne Says:

    Happy Saturday! this little class sounds so much fun! can’t wait to get started!! and so looking forward to seeing about your feb class too! LX

  99. Claire Viney Says:

    Thanks for the great class. I have put a link on my blog

  100. Ladkyis Says:

    no idea what I am doing but in for a penny in for a prize

  101. louise Says:

    Thank you Shimelle, just love your classes :)

  102. annie2006 Says:

    sweet blog candy! im new to your classes so shall be following this one with interest :)

  103. Elaine Bryan Says:

    Have never done this before but liked your blog. Will just jump right in and follow the instructions!

  104. Sally Says:

    Looking forward to seeing this class….might kickstart my scrappy mojo!

  105. ally Says:

    I have post a link on my blog and on my facebook page. cant wait to start

  106. Lisa Says:

    I linked on Facebook- (is it ok if I don’t post the link, I’ve had some weird spammers lately)

    but the pic didn’t come up. I will post on my blog as well, and make sure the pic is up. :)
  107. e. linnell Says:

    great idea, think this will be interesting one to do..

  108. Sarah Packer Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Thanks for the great class, looking forward to this one!Sarah

  109. xrysa Says:

    Good morning Shimelle,
    I am glad that I saw in time this great class you are organising and I also want to participate!! It happens to admire one of your followers so I think it was about time for me too to start with your projects!! Thank you for giving us this oportunity!!

  110. Jenn Lucas Says:

    Loved Journal Your Christmas (still finishing it off now though!) so looking forward to many more Shimelle-inspired projects!

  111. Lisa Says:

    Oh yes please, count me in!!! :)

  112. helen Young Says:

    I have got all my supplies ready, looking forward to getting going on another challenge.

  113. Jen Naulls Says:

    Sounds like a fun class, can’t wait!

  114. Ann Freeman Says:

    yah Shimelle – more scraapy fun with one of my fav people!!
    Link to you on my blog

  115. Kim Says:

    I love your classes and need that extra push right now to get scrapping this year!

  116. HilaryJ Says:

    Looking forward to another great class Shimelle!

  117. SusanB Says:

    Thanks for the free class. I’ve taken a few of your classes and have always been impressed and inspired!!

  118. Susan Says:

    So exciting!!

  119. Anso Says:

    Looking forward to learning more about this class :)

  120. Jane Says:

    looking forward to doing the class, have linked it to my blog. Thanks Shimelle x

  121. Lynda Brown Says:

    looking forward to this…and love the photo by the way…very cheery for a grey grey day in January!

  122. Jennie Says:

    Oh I am so looking forward to this- I so much need something to cheer me up! Thanks Shimelle – don’t think you realise how much of a life saver you can be when things go very pearshaped.This photo gave me a “lift” – thank you.

  123. Fay Says:

    Great prizes, shall do a blog post later

  124. jeanne Says:

    You do the most amazing things Shimelle. This looks like a blast! Linked you in my post here

  125. Lynda Says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to do this! Thank you!

  126. shannon zuklich Says:

    i came over after reading about your class on gauche alchemy’s blog. i am so excited for this! it sounds like so much fun:)
    i posted it on my blog with a link to your site:

  127. Barb Says:

    I posted your flower photo and about the class on my blog.

    I just completed the JYC for the 2nd year and am caught up and looking forward to another project.

  128. sheilaj Says:

    Just what I need to cheer me up on a horrid January day! Thanks Shimelle, you rock!

  129. Debbie Titus Says:

    Looks like more fun and getting creative. This is all new to me (both the on line and scrap-booking)

  130. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Shimelle, I can never express enough how much I appreciate your generosity in sharing your love of scrapping with us. Thank you so very much. Cindy

  131. Nicola Says:

    Looking forward to starting the class, thanks so much Shimelle !!

  132. Juliab Says:

    Sounds like just the creative kick-start I need for 2009. Love it!

  133. Kristy Jo Says:

    Hi, your BLOG/FEED is wonderful, awesome, spectacular!!!

    Thank you for all your time and generosity with the classes.

    Note: Class link on my blog here:

  134. Fiona Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and have found so much inspiration here but never yet commented. This seems like a good time… :)

  135. Katy Says:

    Yay for prizes!

    Mini book class perfect for January, and I get to play with my new bind-it-all!

  136. Maria Says:

    I’m excited and can’t wait to see what you have in store of use.. again…and thanx for having a freebie..
    Here’s my blog post

  137. CarolynL Says:

    Looking forward to this class, I have sorted out my stash and am ready and waiting!

  138. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    Wow! What a treat – you’re spoiling us ! Thanks for the opportunity, I am SOOOO excited about this class!

  139. SarahLP Says:

    Fantastic Shimelle – a new class! I’m thrilled to be taking part, thank you!

  140. Steph Says:

    Here is the link to my blog post

  141. Lisa Anderson Says:

    This sounds like a great class! Thanks so much Shimelle!
    My Blog

  142. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for the free class Shimelle, I really enjoyed JYC (I did my first one this Christmas) and now I’m looking forward to the next one!

  143. kate Says:

    Wow!what a great giveaway :0)
    Have only been scrapbooking about 7 months and cant beleive how much its shaping my life as you said in your previous post “now i wonder how i did this part time”.
    Im taking part in “scrap like you mean it” in uks and enjoying the simplicity of your prompts. :0)

  144. Alaina Says:

    How fun to have a class so early in the year!

  145. Jolynn Says:

    im’ sooo excited to get started on this! So excited that i’m trying to get people to join me. I posted the picture on my blog!

  146. Irene Boothroyd Says:

    This looks like a class that I’m going to enjoy taking part in.

  147. polinka Says:

    this sounds great!! wow

  148. Melissa Says:

    Great class! Here’s my blog post.
    Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  149. Fonda Darter Says:

    Love all your classes Shimelle! I’ve posted this new one on my blog here

  150. Karen Says:

    Such fun – thanks Shimelle!

  151. claireliz Says:

    Hi Shimelle. Once again THANKYOU for this wonderful class (and for being so inspiring & generally brilliant!) Ive linked to my blog.

  152. Louise Ingram Says:

    excellent – i’ve just finishing journalling my Christmas so i need another class! looking forward to feb’s launch too!

  153. Julia Carter Says:

    I have never taken any of your classes before (but I have heard good things, and I stumbled upon this one actually and I am so glad I did, I need some new inspiration and i think this will get my creative juices flowing again.

    Julia Carter

  154. Julia Carter Says:

    Hi! I added a link and your flower picture on my sidebar, @ the very top of the page:)

  155. Rhona Says:

    I’m jumping in here and looking forward to seeing what this class is all about. Would love to win some stamps too :)

  156. Tracy Says:

    ” I have posted on my blog. Looking forward to this, off to finish my JYC!

  157. Alison Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I am so hooked on your syle and designs and your Christmas track was out of this world. It has made me look and think about Christmas in a different way. Angel wishes Al XX

  158. Annie Says:

    Posted on my facebook profile here:

    Another project is just what I need! Very very nearly finished JYC now, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I’m going to love looking back at it in the future.

  159. Carol Zeitz Says:

    Can’t wait to start this, I’m gathering supplies now! Thanks so much for the free class Shimelle! I’ve posted a link and some info on my blog at . Let’s get started!

  160. Helen Says:

    Wow, fantastic prizes – fantastic class as well…. fingers crossed! x x x

  161. Jacky Scales Says:

    This is great, Shimelle, and I have posted on my blog.

  162. Tammy McClain Says:

    How cool is that! Thanks Shimelle! You rock!

  163. SmilynStef Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win … gorgeous picture.

  164. Susan Says:

    This project looks great. I loved the classes I took from you last year in VA. Looking forward to more of your inspiration.

  165. Joanna Says:

    thanks for the free class!!! loved journal your christmas :)

  166. Buddhini Says:

    This my first time I am participating in a project like this. I am so excited. Thanks for sharing your creativity and talent with us.

  167. Judith Says:

    Love the idea of the free class. Looking forward to it.

  168. Cathy Says:

    Hey Shimelle, love the classes and the blog, am plodding along with Everyone Has a Story and am sure all the free stuff would help!! Going to catch up with the rest of your blog…

    Cathy (the spreadsheet girl… sad but that is how everyone in Gosport knew me…)

  169. Stacey Says:

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  170. k8 Says:

    Well, you know I want to win! I’m in, I’m in, I’m in!!!!!!

  171. Becky Fairclough Says:

    What a fab idea ! Im glad I found you again, I posted on my blog here so hopefully a few others may find you too

  172. Val Says:

    This is so kind of you, I love your courses.

  173. stephanie peachey Says:

    love your classes shimelle, i linked it on my blog here:

  174. annefach Says:

    thank you, shimelle, for another of your wonderful classes. can’t wait to get started, I haven’t got many stamps, no really, I haven’t, so I hope you choose me in your generous prize draw.

  175. krgero Says:

    Very excited to do this class! I’ll be gathering my supplies this weekend! Thanks so much!

  176. Bridget Says:

    Great idea – always a challenge to focus on myself. I need to try this on my birthday later this year.

  177. lindschick Says:

    Hooray, looking forward to the class, thanks.

    Have posted a link on my blog.


  178. Caz Says:

    I’m still trying to finish JYC, but really looking forward to doing another class. Thanks Shimelle!

  179. Hannah Churcher Says:

    I finished my Christmas journal last night and absolutely loved the class! Looking forward to This Year, have posted a link on my blog

    Thanks for inspiring me! Hannahx

  180. Janice Says:

    I find you very inspirational – your enthusiasm for scrapping certainly shows in your work and your ability to motivate. Thank you & please keep it up!!

  181. Joanne Says:

    Looking forward to this class. Thanks for doing it:-)

  182. Beckie Dreyer Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I don’t stand a chance of winning but wanted to say thanks for the class and I really hope to take part. I have posted it on my blog.

  183. Jill Says:

    Sounds like a fun class. Thanks for offering it! I’ve blogged about it here Not sure how to make this a link, and I wasn’t able to get the Flicker picture on my blog, but I’m probably doing something wrong.

  184. bumpybecky Says:

    a new class – how very exciting!

    can’t wait to find out more :)

  185. Susan Hessler Says:

    Fun, fun – I hope I win!
    Peace. Susan

  186. Sam Says:

    Wow! What a great set of prizes, as well as the free mini-class. Thanks!

    I’ve blogged about it here

  187. Nathalie Says:

    Been a follower (and an occasional class taker) for a while and have been looking for the Banana Frog in the US forever, so when I see that you are offering a chance to win some, I am crossing my fingers so that maybe you would pick me! :P

  188. vivian Says:

    happy new year!
    loved jyc! looking forward to your next workshop!
    also posted to my facebook. :)

  189. Beth Costello Says:

    Wow! I would love to win! Can’t wait for the workshop!

  190. Cyndi Says:

    I’ve always wanted to take a class from you Shimelle! What a great way to start off a new year!

  191. Cyndi Says:

    I posted a link on my blog too!

  192. Lori Poffenroth Says:

    I’m doing this and I’m excited to get started. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Lori in Lacombe

  193. Rachel Dallaire Says:

    So excited for this class. Thanks for sharing it! You rock!!!

  194. Heather R. Says:

    I am really looking forward to this! HURRY! HURRY! ;)

  195. Sharon M Says:

    I have enjoyed every class I have taken from you, plus assorted other ideas you have “dropped” here and there. Thank you for what promises to be another “good time.”

  196. sheree Says:

    have just added the details to my blog also

  197. Liz Says:

    My first class in 2009! Thanks so much for opening it up to us all- I can’t wait!

  198. Tammy Says:

    Total awesomeness Shimelle! Thanks for the free class and new upcoming class, so excited!

    I posted on my blog. Here is the link:

  199. Sam (sammyb) Says:

    Can’t wait to play – only four weeks today and the new class starts! Yippee!

  200. Renette Gebele Says:

    This year has started off being really hectic,I thibk this album is just what I need to slow down and live in the moment!Do what brings me joy rather than keeping eveybody else happy.

  201. Catherine Goodyer Says:

    Woo hoo freebies! Thanks a lot. x

  202. Sandy Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the details of the new class, and then have the possibility of participating free…Whoo!

  203. KarenM Says:

    Wow what a great prize Shimelle – would love to be entered into the draw please :-)
    Really looking forward to reading more info about your new class in February too!

  204. Mahlin Says:

    yay.. Love the look of this class. I´ll be joining the fun sure!

  205. Kiki K Says:

    I’m looking forward to learn more about it! Thank you for the inspiration! Really enjoyed JYC and I try to catch up the 25th every month.

  206. Barbara Says:

    Have now managed to put up your pic and leave a link on my blog

  207. Kirsty B Says:

    You always have the best classes, and it’s so great that you give away stuff and do free classes too. Thanks Shim!

  208. Jules Says:

    I am really looking forward to doing my first class with you.

  209. Kirsty Brown Says:

    Another Kirsty B here!! I also love your classes and really looking forward to doing this one

  210. sheila Says:

    This year I am going to embrace life and whatever “it” throws at me … oh my 60th birthday is 15th February … any chance of a lovely birthday present Shimelle? You are never too old to be creative or tell your own story.

  211. fairyabs Says:

    ooooh so generous! It all helps to get the creative juices flowing for a new year of scrapping!

    abs x

  212. Jackie Says:

    This is the year I’ve promised myself to do regular challenges & online classes & this looks a fun way to start!- off to get my stash ready.

  213. scrappysue Says:

    YAY, how fun! Don’t need much encouragement to join in. Thanks Shimelle, this looks like another great class! Sue

  214. Zoe Says:
    Really excited about this class cuz it’s my birthday this week, I pick up a piece of medical equipment which will change my life and I’m in middle of a month off work unpaid to consider my future!

  215. Heather Says:

    This year. I can’t even imagine what will happen. DH lost his job on the 5th. Happy Stinkin’ New Year. Philosophically, I keep telling myself that it will open up new doors, new opportunities, it will be better than before. And I want to believe it’s true. But right now, I’m scared out of my mind. This year. I know there will be a lot to write about. And I want to remember it all. So I’ll do the project This Year. And a year from now, I’ll do it again. Thank you, Shimelle, for giving me a way to express this year.

  216. Brenda O'reilly Says:

    Shimelle, thank you so much for this fab class… definately going to be joining in. I have posted the link on my blog and it is here
    xxxx B

  217. Francine Says:

    Thanks for the free miniclass! I love that photo too :)

  218. Tracey Gray Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your classes. Thanks for being so inspirational. I have posted to facebook and changed my status to shout out your class.

  219. NETTY Says:

    WOW What a wonderful thing to have a free class! I did JYC for the first time this year and loved it (although I’m still working on it) I have so much stash that needs using that this class is perfect. Thanks Shimelle.

  220. suecook Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful incentive. Please count me in as I have been losing my mojo, something like this will most certainly get the creative juices flowing.

  221. ClareE Says:

    I love the idea of a free class. Please count me in!

  222. Stacey Says:

    Thanks for the mini class!

  223. Cheryl Says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for doing this. I have linked your class to my blog.

  224. beth Says:

    oh my gosh i just found your blog and love it! so inspriring…thank you for sharing!!

  225. Gale Says:

    Love that photograph and what wonderful giveaways!

  226. Tasha Says:

    Loved JYC so I KNOW I will love this one too!

  227. Lindsey Loughtman Says:

    so cool – i love your classes and I love competitions! now you’ve given us both!!!

  228. valerie Says:

    thankyou for this can’t wait have adde a link here

  229. ana manzana Says:

    Please, count me in!

    I have posted the link on my blog:

    Thank you!

  230. Francine Says:

    I blogged about this here

  231. Donna Says:

    This looks great, love your mini books… yay can’t wait, thanks for the giveaway :)

  232. katie Says:

    This looks fun, can’t wait to start!

  233. Zoe Martin Says:

    Looking forward to hearing all about the new class Shimelle.

    Zoe x

  234. Virginia Says:

    Having done the journal your Christmas for the first time this last December I’m so pleased that there is another class to take part in – thanks Shimelle!

  235. Kristen DeSimone Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win, Shimelle! I have enjoyed JYC for a few years now and am looking forward to taking part in more of what you offer!


  236. Brenda Geile Says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity! I haven’t done one of your classes and I am so excited.

  237. Sheena Rowlands Says:

    shimelle- this is just amazingly generous,i’ve taken a number of your on-line classes-they are so inspirational

  238. miranda shelley Says:

    this looks great – can’t wait to get started.

  239. Janet Says:

    Shimelle – One of my favorite books is the “Weekend” book I made in one of your classes. I love your ideas. Keep them coming.

  240. Jessica Griffin Says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I’ve decided to take your class and have ordered the products suggested in the list… and then some! :)

    I see in the comments people raving about your classes so I’m super excited to have the opportunity to join in!


  241. Alexa Says:

    Yaaaaaay! Can’t wait to start this, just printed the suppiy list. It’s so lovely of you to offer up a free class AND do a give-a-way! Posted a link on my blog here: Here’s hoping!

  242. Kirsten Says:

    Shimelle…seriously. Have I told you lately I think you are golden? Golden. I have to say thank YOU for showing me a different view of my Christmas. This past December was my second round, and I enjoyed it even more than my first. Thank you!

  243. Alison Briant Says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give.

  244. Claire Williams Says:

    This class sounds great, looking forward to giving it a go! :)

  245. Wendy Says:

    Very thoughtful of you to do this Shimelle! Thanks you rock!

  246. Bernie Tuffs Says:

    sorry dont have a blog or anything, but I’ve loved the classes of yours that I’ve taken so far so am looking forward to seeing new ones! Thank yoooouuuuuuu!
    BernieTuffs x

  247. Edel Says:

    Hi Shimelle, finally pulling the JYC project together – have enjoyed doing it and signed up for your course in Sept , intrigued about this next class

  248. chris skinner Says:

    i have posted on my blog, not that people read it lol. you are so generous. thank you soo much.

  249. jaine drake Says:

    What an amazing prize, I would just be so happy to win.

  250. Shirley Fowler Says:

    This is fab, i am SOOO excited, I was thinking of doing something just for ME this year….thanks xx

  251. marsha. Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you came up with Shimelle. You are always an inspiration! Thank you!

  252. Carol A. Says:

    This is so great and I have told all my friends to check it out as well as posting on my blog. Thanks again for this opportunity!

  253. Paula Says:

    This will be my first class to take from you. I have heard a lot of good things about your classes and look forward to participating!!!

  254. nicola goodlad Says:

    Hi I am brand new to this site but am so excited about it – looking forward to the classes

  255. Mandy Says:

    Thanks, Shimelle! This looks like a very fun project.

  256. VéroniqueR Says:

    I attended to “My freedom” class last summer. I had so much fun doing it, I am looking forward to this free class. Thanks for your generosity!

  257. Jori Maguire Says:

    Me me me me me. Ok, enough with the greediness already. :-)

    Lucky whoever wins and I can’t wait to download the worksheet to make my page.

  258. annie bellamy Says:

    Hoping to follow along with this one!!! Sounds lovely!

  259. SJ Says:

    how much fun!!
    awesome prize!

  260. Christina Says:

    excellent! so excited for this class. thank you shimelle!

  261. Christina Says:

    Also, I blogged about the class as well. Again, thank you SO much. This is just perfect for where I am at right now. :D

  262. Latharia Says:

    Looking forward to playing along! Will try to get everything set up on my blog soon … right now, I’m scanning for viruses. :(

  263. Jimjams Says:

    Glad that scrapping full time is making you happy – all the best for 2009!

  264. Judi W Says:

    Hi Shimelle I’m looking forward to this next “Shimelle” project. How Fun!

  265. Judy Says:

    Hi Shimelle This is my first online cropping project and I am so excited about doing it.

  266. gemma waddington Says:

    Wow fingers crossed!!! Another great sounding project Shimelle Xx

  267. Anna Says:

    Yay, you rock!
    Can’t wait to get started!

  268. Peter Says:

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  269. Latharia Says:

    Yay! I think I’ve managed to get all my viruses contained, so had time to post on my blog after all! Click here!

  270. Eileen Says:

    Looks like fun so I’m gonna play along.

  271. Lorny Says:

    I’m feeling lucky today so I thought I’d enter. Thank you so much for the free class and good luck to everyone entering the draw!

  272. Sarah Says:

    Can’t wait to get started on another one of your fab classes :)

  273. Terri-Ann Morris Says:

    I can’t wait to start your class looks like its going to get me to make a really good book about me. Something I never seem to focus on. Have put a post on my blog:

  274. Wendy B Says:

    Looks great Shimelle, I look forward to playing along.

  275. Kim Says:

    Is there still time to enter? Here’s the post on my blog about the class: Can’t wait to get started! All my supplies are in a basket and ready to go.

  276. ginny Says:

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  278. kim Says:

    first timer here.
    sounds fun.
    found you through another blog.
    happy sunday. :)