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All systems go

scrap your day reminder

Tomorrow is the day. We’re snapping away all day on the 25th of the month for an entire year starting tomorrow. Are you with us? All you gotta do is take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Wendy has made her own book—check hers out if you are stuck at where to start!
Susan is egging on Friday!
Sophie is all set to go!
Jo has made a book and it is looking divine!
Cameron is joining us!
Mary seems absolutely giddy about her album so far!

On UKScrappers, I’ve seen declarations of intent from PJ, Debbie, Julie, Leigh, Emma, Anso, Niki, Willow, Fay, Ali and more.

And you know…you can even join us to take pictures with no intention of the scrapbook part. That’s okay too. One thing at a time. But first?! Take pictures tomorrow!

Spread the word…declare your intentions, blog this picture, email a friend and get your camera battery charged!

Flickrheads: join our Flickr group here to share what you snap.

{More info here and here and one more file to download here tomorrow!}


PS: Comment below to receive an email alert that will remind you when the 25th is approaching each month for the next year so you can remember to take pictures. (No other messages and I won’t sell your address, I promise.)

24 April 2008

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530 Comments for All systems go

  1. Eileen Swaney Says:

    I’m in! Sounds like fun. Can’t wait to get started.

  2. Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    I’m in !!!!!

  3. miranda shelley Says:

    Sounds like idea. Bettery is charged so ready to go tomorrow.

  4. deborah Says:

    what a great idea!

  5. Susan Ringler Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Missed you since Christmas——sure, I am game! What are we taking pics of?

  6. Sally Dawkins Says:

    I would loveeeeee to be updated as i would forget otherwise xoxoxoxo

  7. Colleen Says:

    what a great idea!

  8. Corrina Says:

    I’m looking forward to this but need the reminder, thanks.

  9. Rachael Says:

    I am looking forward to starting this – please send me a reminder each month as I am rubbish at remembering things!

  10. CarolynP Says:

    Looks like an interesting idea! Still working through a lot of the No Place Like Home ideas, so may start by just taking photos for now, but hey, who knows! :D

  11. Chicken Licken Says:

    Ooooo please can I have a reminder each month! Really looking forward to this!

  12. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    I’m in Shimelle even though I’m in the US. Please send me the email reminder, too. I’ve also joined the UK Scrappers site. It’s kind of fun reading everyone’s posts for me.
    Thanks. Is is fun!Michelle

  13. pam Says:

    I’m in. this will be fun

  14. Soo Says:

    In by the skin of my teeth!! LOL

  15. Alison Green Says:

    Please email me – I’ll prob forget otherwise!

  16. Jami Mayes Says:

    lOVe to be in on this. :)

  17. Latharia Says:

    I’m in! Please send me a reminder email, though!

  18. Jennifer Van-Cauter Says:

    Count me in Shimelle!!!”

  19. Maz Says:

    I’m in! Fab idea, but I’ll need reminding! Thanks…

  20. Fay Says:

    Ooh, I got a mention on your blog – yes please, keep me updated

  21. Bernie Tuffs Says:

    I’d love a reminder please!!
    Bernie x

  22. Kathy Passmore Says:

    I love this challenge … sign me up. Thanx

  23. Fiona Says:

    Fab idea – need reminding though!!

  24. Erika Says:

    Love love love this idea! I’m in :)

  25. stacey Says:

    I’m in. Sounds like fun!

  26. Julie Thornton Says:

    Definately in Shimelle. Finished my book last night so looking forward to tomorrow.

  27. Katy Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this Shimelle … would love to get the reminders please. :)

  28. Diane Says:

    The camera’s by the bed, where I won’t step on it in the morning! Yes, please, remind me!

  29. Julie Anne Says:

    I’m in Thanks but need reminding!

  30. dawn Says:

    yes! i’d love a reminder! i need all the help i can get! thanks!

  31. Greta Says:

    This sounds fabulous! Count me in…and I would love reminders as the 25th nears each month. :)

  32. Antonia Sturt-Hammond Says:

    Please remind me too, Shimelle, although at the moment I’m so excited that I can’t believe I’ll forget when the 25th is approaching. Keep wondering if I can change things like celebrating my birthday two days late, just so I can scrap the pictures!

  33. Clare Says:

    Im playing – making my book this evening – batteries on charge right now.

  34. Julie Says:

    I’m in as well Shimelle, really looking forward to this and feeling confident about finishing it. x

  35. Claire Says:

    I’m in (going to upload photos of my blank album later), and would love a reminder every month! Thanks Shimelle!

  36. Jackie Says:

    All ready, but email me a reminder next month please!

  37. Stacy Says:

    Please remind me next month!

  38. Jo Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  39. Nathalie Says:

    I’d like a reminder as well! I still have to make my album but I’m ready to take photos tomorrow!

  40. Sue E Says:

    I’m in too. Brilliant, brilliant, fab project.

  41. Jennine Says:

    I’m in, reminders would be great.

  42. Daphne Says:

    I’m in just finishing my book tonight

  43. Laura Buckingham Says:

    do it!!

  44. Philippa Says:

    Yes please for the emails, help for the scatterbrained always welcome x x x

  45. Roo Says:

    Great idea but please send the reminders! Thanks.

  46. Madeline Says:

    I’m with you Shimelle. Loved the Christmas journaling and I am just finishing up my No place like home album so I am good to go. :)

  47. Melissa Barnum Says:

    Batteries charged and ready to roll!

  48. Sandy Says:

    I’ll need the tip-off,please, I’ve a brain like a seive (it’s my age!)

  49. jennyin Says:

    Sounds a fab idea.

    Will need a reminder, though.

    Thank you

  50. joanne burton Says:

    A poke with a sharp stick is what I need!!

  51. ally bright Says:

    i am so definitely in, cant wait :)

  52. Sarah Says:

    Count me in :D
    is my book

  53. Carin Says:

    Would love to keep up with this (haven’t done the album yet!) but will probably need the reminders!! I love getting the Home class emails everyday, can’t believe tomorrow is the last one, sob! Thanks!

  54. Sherri Says:

    I am in!!!! Betteries are charging.

  55. Scrapdolly Says:

    How could I resist anything you suggested!!!
    I’m in
    off to add the picture to my blog
    Dolly x

  56. Christi Says:

    I LOVE this idea!!

  57. Carrie Says:

    Working on my album now – a chance to play with the Bind It All – woo hoo! Love to get reminders! Thanks!

  58. Judi Says:

    I’m looking forward to this year long project. Great Idea!

  59. jean sandford Says:

    count me in to please

  60. Anso Says:

    Can’t wait!! :)))

  61. Becky Gotch Says:

    I can’t wait to join in! Batteries are charged!

  62. ailsa Says:

    what a fab idea I have been missing some structure since heidi swapp class finished and so loved doing your fill my little world class last year. please include me in your e mail. thanks ailsa

  63. Georgia Says:

    I’m off to charge my camera battery now! Looking forward to seeing what everyone does.

  64. Mariangeles Says:

    Not sure if I’ll be able to follow it but I’d love a reminder :-)

  65. TrishL Says:

    I’m busy trying to keep my daughter sane whilst she completes her A’level coursework-so I may be a bit distracted by a stressed out teenager at present- but I don’t want to miss out on a great project ( I may have some catching up to do!)Please send me reminders because without them I stand no chance!

  66. Caroline Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! What a good idea!!!

  67. trish walton Says:

    Have been charging batteries all day, off to sort out my book :)

  68. michigirl74 Says:

    I’m in!

  69. Jenny Rebecca Says:

    I definitely need reminders! :o)

  70. Melissa Says:

    Can’t wait…this is a super idea!!

  71. Julie Ratcliffe Says:

    This is great Shimelle! Count me in.

  72. Sharon Osborn Says:

    Batteries charged and raring to go, but a reminder will do nicely, thanks :)

  73. Lynn M Says:

    Can’t wait! I need all the reminders I can get.

  74. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the heads up!!
    The camera is at the ready – so exciting!!

  75. Sarah Says:

    Cant wait to get started taking photos tomorrow! Good job my fixed camera was delivered today!

  76. Stephanie Shepherd Says:

    I’m in. :)

  77. Gina Says:

    Remind me please!!!!

  78. Pamela Says:

    Remind me please! Thanks so much.

  79. Sharon Says:

    I’m in too! Camera is charged and ready. :)

  80. Lynn Says:

    Keep me posted please :-)

  81. Donna Says:

    I think I’ll need the reminders please. I’m convinced I’m going to forget about tomorrow, never mind next month! :)

  82. Fiona P Says:

    I’m almost ready – but always willing to have a go!!

  83. Torm Says:

    Tomorrow? Does it have to be tomorrow? sigh. I had great plans to be a lazy sluff tomorrow, darnit. ;)

  84. Lisa Says:

    Would love the reminders so i don’t forget! Really looking forward to taking part.

  85. Kirsty Brown Says:

    I’d love a reminder please!

  86. Chiara Says:

    okay this is such a totally great idea

  87. Niki Says:

    Hi Shimelle, A reminder from you would be great, I have got my book nearly finished, just a few more pages to do. My camera is already upstairs waiting for the alarm clock in the morning:)

  88. Lesley Says:

    Ohh I’m in
    Looking forward to starting

  89. Sue Says:

    Sounds like fun! I’m in! Dagnammit, my brother borrowed my Nikon today, I’ll have to use the compact!

  90. Tracey Says:

    would live a reminder please each month

  91. sarinkov Says:

    I’m up for it! Sounds good

  92. Kathy (kathyb) Says:

    Please send me the reminders for the 25th’s… Loving this concept Shimelle!

  93. Fiona Beckman Says:

    I’m playing along!

  94. Hilary Jeanes Says:

    Send me a reminder too – I want to join in the fun!

  95. Nancy Zuur Says:

    I like this, I’m in

  96. Rosemary Hughes Says:

    I’d love to join in please

  97. Pippa (AKA PJBear) Says:

    Yes please for the email nudge, really enthused with this challenge, thanks Shimelle

  98. Mary Says:

    I’ll give it a whirl! Thanks!

  99. Alicia Johnson Says:

    this will be so fun! looking forward to starting.

  100. gill birch Says:

    yes please to a reminder for 25th of each month!
    thanks so much

  101. nicola Says:

    roll on friday!!!!

  102. Julie Corfield Says:

    Ready to play Shimelle…but no doubt will need a gentle reminder along the way!

  103. ConnieC Says:

    I need reminders. I tried a photo a day for the year and made it to the last week of March before I stopped. But I just bought a new point and shoot camera that I can carry everywhere, so I think I can do this.

  104. Relly Says:

    me please :)

  105. fiona hadland Says:

    remind me please coz im very forgetful!!!

  106. Barb Says:

    Please send me a reminder about picture taking. Thanks. Barb

  107. willow spruce Says:

    Yes please…im the sort that needs reminding!!!

  108. Jacqui Says:

    Got my book all ready, but would appreciate the reminders please!

  109. Lesleygee Says:

    Looking forward to this!

  110. Angela Magnuson Says:

    I am in…LOVE THIS IDEA!! Definately need a reminder. I am going to encourage visitors to my blog to do this as well! FUN FUN FUN!

  111. Gail Says:

    Sounds cool – I am in and will need reminding too! Thanks.

  112. Jennie Says:

    Hey Shimelle – this sounds truly great. Count me in for a reminder please!
    Jennie xx

  113. Susan Carter Says:

    I’m in – this will help me with my fix until the Journal Your Christmas comes back!

  114. Karen Says:

    Please remind me each month as I don’t want to spoil my nicely decorated book by forgetting to take the pictures to put in it!

    Thanks Shimelle.

  115. Carolyn Says:

    email reminder please

  116. TrishD Says:

    I am looking forward to this next project. Thanks for the prompt, Shimelle!!

  117. Linda Says:

    Thanks Shimelle, I would love to be part of your prompt circle!!

  118. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    Yes please!!!

  119. Debi Says:

    Count me in!

  120. Lora Says:

    I’m in!

  121. Annette Says:

    I’m in. Shimelle how do you do it? Your always creating and non stop it seems. Well I’m very thankful.

  122. SarahLP Says:

    I’m in too! Great!!
    Sarah x

  123. kate Says:

    Sign me up! :)

  124. Ginny Says:

    I’m joining in. Reminders please.

  125. Racheal Says:

    remind me pls

  126. jane Says:

    I’d love a reminder too!

  127. Alimad Says:

    I’m ready to go too!

  128. Lori Says:

    Add me to the list!

  129. Susan Says:

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks.

  130. Viv Says:

    Please remind me too :D

  131. KK Says:

    I’m in—this will be my first on-line class and I’m really looking forward to it!

  132. jen Says:

    LOVE this idea … can’t wait!

  133. joanold Says:

    Camera’s by my bedside, ready for the morning.

  134. Sarah Says:

    I’m in too! (Reminders are a day or two in advance, right? ‘Cos we get to the 25th a little bit earlier than most.)

  135. Sarah Says:

    Fab fab fab – just what I need to get my juices flowing – and what a great day to choose – daughter’s first school play tomorrow and my birthday is 25th July – hoorah!!

  136. Sandi Says:

    Looking forward to our first photo day!

  137. Beverly Says:

    Sounds perfect for keeping a visual journal of our home and self improvement. Thanks for setting up reminders or I’d sink ;)

  138. Karen Says:

    a friend shared your site and i decided this is the month to finally get started on the monthly pictures! thanks!!!

  139. Anne Says:

    looking forward to tomorrow

  140. Anita Says:

    So loving this little challenge already , please can I be set to have reminders . Thanks x

  141. Taz Says:

    OK I’m ready to give it a go!

  142. loumaroo Says:

    Sounds great! Count me in!!

  143. Leigh Says:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to start.

  144. scrapnanny Says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow and I would love a prompt please.

  145. Beth D Says:

    Hi!! I am gearing up for tomorrow, would love a monthly reminder!

  146. Karen Says:

    Sign me up! Sounds like fun1

  147. Lulu Says:

    Thanks in advance for the monthly reminders…will be great to chart my DD&DS progress over the next year!

  148. lenee Says:

    I had such a great time doing the Christmas Journal that this sounds really fun and i am wishing for a new camera for my B-Day!!!!

  149. Sarah Says:

    This is such a cool idea. I haven’t done my album yet, but have my batteries charged and my memory card emptied!!!
    A reminder would be great thanks- i would hate to forget.

    I’ve got my mum doing it too!!

    Sarah xxx

  150. sally O'Connor Says:

    Count me in please!

  151. Lupita Says:

    Count me in!

  152. Therese Bradley Says:

    I want to play.

  153. Ching Says:

    Looking forward to this journey Shimelle.


  154. Noël Says:

    I’ll play!

  155. Rhonda Says:

    Count me in!!! :)

  156. Tracy Says:

    Yes, please remind me! Off to finish last page of my album now.

  157. Chrissie Baxter Says:

    Count me in too!

  158. Sheree Says:

    this sounds great please count me in too… thanks

  159. Susan Hessler Says:

    Count me in!

  160. Janice Foltz Says:

    This sounds great!

  161. StephF Says:

    can’t wait!

  162. Donna Says:

    I’m in!!

  163. Stacey Says:

    Have my battery charged, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  164. Lynne Says:

    Thank you for email today! Look forward to more reminders. Camera ready and waiting :)

  165. Julia Says:

    I’m ready to go…would love reminders each month. Thanks Shimelle!

  166. Jak Says:

    Im ready and raring to go!

  167. Heather Main Says:

    I am in and I would love a reminder email!

  168. kristy harris Says:

    Late to the party….but I am so lovin’ this idea~

  169. Amy S Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this :) I dont have an alarm clock though lol

    I think I’ll definitely need reminds of when it’s picture day!

  170. Rachel Says:

    Love this Shimelle, been stalking here and UKS since I heard about it… count me in for a reminder

  171. Annette Says:

    I’m in for this one. Looking forward to see what comes out. Pulling papers and am committed to using only what I have in the house (or car, or grocery bag, whatever)!

  172. Leslie Says:

    I’m in!

  173. Patty N Says:

    I’m in, but I’ll never remember on my own! Please send the reminders. It sounds like fun- I love your projects!

  174. Peggy Says:

    I love this idea. Count me in.

  175. lafinn Says:

    What a great idea! Please, oh please, remind me. I am looking forward to this challenge! Charging the camera now…

  176. Cris C, Says:

    I am so doing this!!! Thanks for the inspiration Shimelle!

  177. sherri Says:

    I’m in!

  178. Maya Says:

    I will try to play along. :)

  179. Carrie K Says:

    Im definitely in and would love a reminder each month! Thanks!!

  180. Karen Says:

    I just found out about this, and can’t wait to start!

  181. Stella Says:

    I’m totally in! Please add me to your email list! Thanks!

  182. Lesley Says:

    A new exciting..ima bit late starting but then i always

  183. windy Says:

    can’t wait to get started!

  184. Kim Says:

    Yes, please!

  185. Shelley Burkett Says:

    I’m in!!!!

  186. Kim Littlejohn Says:

    I completed the 2007 Christmas journal and I’m ready for this!!

  187. Gillian Ottaway Says:

    I’m with you! Please send me the reminders :)

  188. Brenda Davis Says:

    Oh, yes please!

  189. sheila joss Says:

    I am in please another digi girl here.
    Thanks Shimelle!

  190. SherryG Says:

    I’m with ya! And I would love a reminder please.

  191. Tash (coxabey) Says:

    Battery is all charged up and I’m all set to take my first set of pictures!

  192. ana Says:

    I’m so glad that I found this!!!!! Its 12:28 am here in Costa Rica, and I’m ready togo to bed and start snapping away tomorrow the 25th!!!!

  193. Nina Says:

    I am up for the game :)

  194. DONNA Says:

    good this is fabulous! i have taken tons of photos and have been very actively taking one photo each and everyday and we are at april 25th already! remind me remind me…

    i hope to get going on the house project..gathering and gathering for a spare moment..i even have prompts with notes! yeahhhhhhh for me. wish i had time to scrap each day as they arrive. thanks for all your creativity!

  195. tree Says:

    A reminder would be great, have already been snapping away this morning :)

  196. Liz Says:

    Count me in in the reminder front – my memory is useless on these things. Started snapping this morning at 5.40 – not sure the cats or the other half quite understand why I am taking pictures at that time of day. Now sitting at my office desk, eating my breakfast, having taken a few snaps first. This is going to be great!

  197. Cheryl Says:

    I’m in and please remind me!!!

  198. Amanda Says:

    I’m in! x

  199. Jen Hall Says:

    Me too please :)

  200. Rachel Howells Says:

    please remind me too

  201. Sue Bone Says:

    Just waiting for my calendar from Kars. Some photos already taken.


  202. Jo Says:

    Shimelle, a reminder would be fab even though i am doing my book on the 28th of every month (as i was 28 a couple of weeks ago! record the 28th day in my 28th year!), it will give me a nudge to remember! lol!

  203. Amanda Says:

    Enjoying this :)

  204. Jilliene isaacs Says:

    i’m playing too. i haven’t put the book together yet but i’m ready to snap some photos.

  205. Chris Smith Says:

    Have taken some photos already, and camera is waiting for more. Please remind me next month -and on, and on . . .

  206. Michelle Says:

    I’ve decided to do this too, haven’t finished the home one yet!!! Just about made my ‘calendar’ book ready for today and been snapping away already. :)

  207. Rhian Says:

    Brilliant idea – and a reminder is just what I need. I was wondering last night how long it would be before I forgot :).

    Taken about 10 snaps already – planning to take my garden (and some details of it) every month and watch it change.

  208. Emma Penhey Says:

    Love to do this please…

  209. debby4000 Says:

    Book made, some photos taken, need the prompt to make sure I finish the project.

  210. Cath U Says:

    Ooh, I forgot this morning already. Remembered eventually @ 8.45ish! Please please remind me each month :)!

  211. Liz (JerseyScraps) Says:

    I definitely need a reminder if I can forget on the first morning lol

  212. Sam B Says:

    I remembered to take some already! Not bad for me, lol. Please send me a reminder every month. Thanks :-))

  213. sinead Says:

    yes please email me a reminder – love this idea

  214. Jo Rudland Says:

    HI there!
    Would like to play too, if that’s OK. Trying to follow the rules, but a bit behind on the book at the moment. Going to start it today – I hope!

  215. Katie S Says:

    Hi Shimelle – please add me to your reminder list. I started this project today and had so much fun. It was a special day in NZ being ANZAC Day and I happen to be travelling in places I’ve never been before so it’s great to be able to document it. Thanks for offering this to people for free. Cheers, Katie

  216. Christine Stables Says:

    I’m just loving this. Thanks for thinking up such a great idea for us all!! My album is ready and I’m having fun taking loads of photos!

  217. SuzyB Says:

    Yes please, reminder sounds good otherwise Im bound to forget! x

  218. marianne Says:

    A reminder of what day it is would be appreciated—- i have no camera battery! Oh my, it will be sorted by 1pm, promise.
    im exited!
    And that photo – it’s like a hi 5 – it is a hi 5, a photo of one, wowowowowowowowwoow.


  219. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Please count me in on the 25th!

  220. Sarah Says:

    Have made my album and am keen to get started :)

  221. Louise Wood Says:

    Looking forward to this challenge, not sure my photo skills are up to it, esp first thing in the morning!!

  222. Lainey Says:

    I’m a little late getting started, but very excited about this project. I’ve already taken my first picture and will work on my album today! Thanks for offering the reminders! xoxo

  223. Emma Whyley Says:

    Yes, Please add me to the email reminder list!! Thanks
    em xx

  224. jacqui sneddon-jenkins Says:

    album made and camera aleady taken some photos today – please can i be reminded

  225. Wendy T Says:

    Hi Shimelle! I have loved your No Place Like Home Class! Please sign me up for this new adventure!

  226. Kathran Says:

    Sign me up for reminders- I need something to get me going again other then event photos

  227. Jennifer Kolakowski Says:

    Love this!!! Thank you Shimelle. I’m so in.

  228. Joanne Says:

    Count me in, Im just finishing my book now!

  229. 10570Fan Says:

    I want to play – it sounds like so much fun!

  230. Laurie Says:

    WooHoo! I wanna play.

  231. Lee Erwee Says:

    This is just what I need to keep the mojo alive and well.

  232. Mary Evans Says:

    Count me in too please Shim. :)

  233. sallyjh Says:

    What a great photo and fantastic idea….have taken a few already :)

  234. Pippa Says:

    I “”“remembered”“” but love you to give me a nudge next month.
    Thanks Shimelle.

  235. Jak Says:

    cant find todays prompt for some reason :(

  236. Crystal Says:

    Please send me reminders! Thanks! :)

  237. Colleen Says:

    count me in!!

  238. Susan Taylor Says:

    Hi Shimelle, no need to get withdrawal symptoms from No Place Like Home (totally loved the class btw) now, count me in!

    But please can I have a reminder too! What a great project, taken heaps of photos already. scrappysue in Dubai
  239. Sarah Says:

    That’s a great idea Shimelle; remind me too please! :)

  240. Charlotte Says:

    Hopefully this will help me remember to get my camera out of my handbag every now and again!


  241. Ashlee Says:

    I’m in…I have to make my book and take pics today!! :) Please add me to the remind list. Thanks

  242. Linda Says:

    A reminder would be great. Looking forward to it.

  243. Annette Says:

    I’m in too. the monthly reminder would be great. thanks :)

  244. CB Says:

    I’m in! Please remind me.

  245. Amy Says:

    Thanks for the reminders!! I already started snapping this morning, first time at work! :)

  246. George Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    I’m in, and would love the reminder, too, please. Thanks so much!

  247. tanyawebster Says:

    count me in too! i love your email prompts…they make me happy! :)

  248. Lisa Gallup Says:

    Remind away, please! :)

  249. gabbe Says:

    please add me to the email list! this is so fun!

  250. Verna G. Says:

    I’m in as well!

  251. Rhona Says:

    I’m late to this one but would love to join in. Please send me reminders, sounds like fun!

  252. Cyndy IB Says:

    Please include me in your reminder list. Love this project. Thank you Shimelle for being our inspiration.

  253. Sarah Says:

    I’m in – having great fun snapping away today! Thanks for the inspiration x

  254. Susan Westberg Says:

    I’m in for the challenge! I tried to post last night but my internet wasn’t working that great BUT I did start taking lots of pictures today! :)

  255. Alesha Says:

    This is such a great idea. Love it!!!

  256. Netleigh Says:

    Add me to your reminders list please. Have managed to take a few shots but behind on starting the album, hopefully tomorrow!

  257. Fi Says:

    yes please to a lovely sparkly reminder :D

  258. bel Says:

    wow…this looks brill…never joined a challange before….this looks like a great one to start with…thank you.

  259. Katrine Says:

    This will be fun!

  260. Tracy Grant Says:

    Im with you too!

  261. Becky Says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! I’m in – please sign me up for the reminder. I’m going to take pictures on the 27th, though. Sunday is my birthday, so this album will be my 36th year in pictures.

  262. Honore Says:

    late starting but took a few dozen pics of today’s chaos.this is a good project for me – hopefully by the time the year’s up, I’ll figure out how my camera works.

  263. gillian silver Says:

    Loving this challenge – only 1 more photo to go today (clock@bedtime) and I’m done

  264. joy Says:

    add me for next month please!!!!! (love ya!)

  265. jen Says:

    im in :)

  266. Georgette Says:

    Would love a reminder!

    Cant’ wait to see everyones pages. Thanks for a great project.

  267. Annette Says:

    I need a reminder! What a FUN project!

  268. Sharon Says:

    Sounds like fun, count me in for taking pics, thanks! :)

  269. Kim Bolyard Says:

    add me to the e-mail list…great idea…love to play along’

  270. Sheila Says:

    Hi Shimelle, seeing as I’m late for everything :-) I’d love an e-mail prompt please. xxx

  271. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for the e-mail.I am in.

  272. Bridget Says:

    Count me in too please, I’ve just read about this.

  273. LoisD Says:

    Been away, so I will have to start next month. Reminders will be great! Lois

  274. jlatham Says:

    Count me in!

  275. jlatham Says:

    I’m in!

  276. Trish Says:

    Would love to be reminded – brain like a sieve here!


  277. Jenny Says:

    I’m in!

    Bit late saying so but I’ve made my book and taken my first day’s worth of photos :)

  278. MandyKay Says:

    I wish to do this too. :-)

  279. Angela Says:

    Looking forward to doing this. Book made, 25th April photos taken – though I did forget for most of the afternoon! Thank you

  280. Kat Says:

    What an awesome idea and thanks for the reminders. I’m totally on board. Thanks

  281. jeanne Says:

    Commented on the post with the download but reading earlier ones too and so commenting here to say I’m in! Posted some of todays pics on my blog.

  282. Tracy Says:

    Fab idea – hope I’m not too late?!

  283. LazyKay Says:

    Hi, just been directed here – so pleased I was – I’ll certainly be coming back!

  284. Sally Says:

    Me too please as I will be starting next month.

  285. Gemma Says:

    I’d love to join in so please send me reminders. Bit late for this month, but will try to be organised next month!

  286. lisa bond Says:

    count me in please!

  287. Ann Says:

    pretty please to reminders. Have my 25/4 photos and have made book and cut papers!!

  288. Fae Says:

    I’m in too!

  289. donna2606 Says:

    Would love a reminder please Shimelle!

  290. Linda Says:

    Great idea! I’m a little late for this month, but I’m starting tomorrow. Would love a monthly reminder.

  291. Kary in Colorado Says:

    Put me on the reminder list too, please. I was out-of-town (son’s graduation from university!) and without a computer so I missed this month, but will happily participate from now on. Thanks!

  292. Jo Says:

    Am really excited, took the photos on the 25th and am putting them in my book tonight!!

  293. Marie Says:

    Hi I’m a little late for sign up but can you add me to the email list please. Ta. xMx

  294. Lori Says:

    Great idea, count me in!

  295. Irene Boothroyd Says:

    Gosh found it!Yes please count me in for a reminder,W
    would hate to miss any of this

  296. Kathryn Johnson Says:

    First month done!

    Please send me reminders. Thanks!

  297. Yvonne Fay Says:

    Remind me too! Book made – just need to print off photos

  298. Olive Says:

    Count me in!

  299. Candice Says:

    Fab idea, i’m in. xx

  300. StarGazer Says:

    Yes please, this month’s done but will probably need reminding next month!!!

  301. Liz Says:

    on a late sign up for this one Shimelle

  302. bumpybecky Says:

    had such fun this month, please add me to your nag list for the next prompt!

    thanks xx

  303. jayne loughlin Says:

    hiya ,saw this 5 days late but im commited as from today xxx sounds fun !

  304. Wendy Says:

    Can you please remind me too Shimelle, brain like a sieve! Also big thanks for the link to my book xx

  305. michelle (mjm) Says:

    Really looking forward to this and looking back at photos I took on Friday, I have no idea what I have, been too busy with CC!!! look forward to the reminders and the rest of the year!

  306. Flapsi Hapsi Says:

    Oh yes – loving this and a reminder would be good … have put album on my blog today!

  307. Corinna Says:

    I live in the US but this project is FANTASTIC and I will totally be participating. But if you wouldn’t mind sending the email reminder, I am sure I am going to need it! LOL


  308. Lilacpam Says:

    Great challenge for the cc enjoyed making my own book, getting to grips with the first LO. Would love a timely reminder please. x Pam

  309. tracy Says:

    love this idea,def in :)

  310. Jay Daly Says:

    Sorry I’m late doing this (slightly scared of techy stuff!).
    My album is in my UKS gallery, sorry, not sure how to do a link. Looking forward to May’s page.

  311. Monica Says:

    Sounds like fun….add me to the list

  312. Ann Says:

    better late than never! Please add me to your list to remind me! Thanks.

  313. Helen Says:

    Well I did my album took my pics, just need to scarp em now! Great and I keep thinking of the different things I can scrap – mind you the mums at school did think I was a bit bonkers!!!

  314. Sara Says:

    OK…so I am almost a month late, but I plan to do 25th April next year!!

  315. Essie Says:

    I’d love some reminders – thanks!


  316. Sue Says:

    I’m a month late due to prior commitments but I’m all ready to start this month!I’ll just have to keep going once you guys have finished!

  317. Sally Says:

    Me me!! I need reminding!! and the odd kick or two wouldn’t go amiss!

  318. Kerry Says:

    Please send me a reminder too. I’m using April’s prompt for May, but I’m definitely participating!

  319. jayne sadler Says:

    This is a great project that my DD and I are having fun doing together – it’s great to see how her day compares to mine!

  320. Hollybank Says:

    Please send me a reminder

  321. Michelle Says:

    I need the reminder – see it took this long to remember to ask for the reminder

  322. Karen Moss Says:

    I would love to be reminded please

  323. Steph Says:

    A reminder would be lovely, since last month the only pic I took was of the clock at 11:11 when I remembered it was the 25th! oh well better luck next time!

  324. Michelle Says:

    Sounds like fun!

  325. Jo Says:

    Oooh, would love a reminder please – my mind seems to have turned into a sieve recently!

  326. Lida Says:

    I would love to get a reminder, thank you so much I´m loving this challenge!

  327. Barbara Says:

    Made the pages, took the photos and produced a double lo for april 25th. Where was I that I missed out on a prompt? Hope I’m not too late – camera already waiting for action!

  328. Alison Says:

    Please remind me too.

  329. Amyb Says:

    Loved it in April-may need a reminder!

  330. ChrisT Says:

    Missed it last month as away on holiday but would love to join in now if that’s ok. Will need a reminder I think. Thanks

  331. Sue Allen Says:

    Loving this, please remind me!

  332. cheryl smith Says:

    Camera was in the repair shop on April 25 so am starting a month late…please add me to the reminder list! Thanks so much.

  333. mandyh Says:

    Was unwell and missed it last month. Would love to start now. A reminder each month would be very helpful!

  334. marion Says:

    yes please can i have a reminder

  335. Paige Lumpkin Says:

    Yes please i would love a reminder. I didn’t know about this in April and would love to join now.

  336. Sally-Ann Says:

    goin to be a late starter but I’m up for this one

  337. Jantyannie Says:

    signing in for reminders, knew I’d forgot something.

  338. Woozle Says:

    prompts for me too please Shimelle :)

  339. Alison Briant Says:

    Please can I have the reminders Shimelle – nearly forgot this month to check in for the photo prompts!!

  340. Joanne Says:

    I’m in!

  341. Romy Says:

    Hia please can you send me reminders too!! Don’t want to miss this fun class! thanks xx

  342. ginny Says:

    I’m not forgetting now but who knows in a few months, sign me up please :0)

  343. Veronica Berkey Says:

    Please send me email too….just remembered tomorrow is the 25th…

  344. Annie Says:

    As I have only just remembered that today is the 25th… I think I should sign up for the reminders! Thanks x

  345. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    I’m also doing this Shimelle, would love a reminder! :D

  346. Pam Says:

    Didn’t remember till about 11 am on 25 April, but had the camera ready by my bed to remind me today. I would love a reminder each month.

  347. Bev Says:

    email please :)

  348. Ang Says:

    Email please, I’m such a scatty brain otherwise. Thanks.

  349. Jackie Pocock Says:

    Can I have an email reminder please. Thanks Shimelle.

  350. Lynne Says:

    Hey Shim,
    Please can I be in your ‘gang’ Didn’t get this month’s reminder

  351. judi Says:

    Can I have emails please?

  352. cheri Says:

    Hey! Remembered, but would like a reminder for the future! Thanks, I am having fun with this!

  353. Karen COLE Says:

    Please sign me up for a reminder email. Thanks muchly. Karen x

  354. Lietje Says:

    oeps I’m number 354 but please ;-) put me on your email list. I’m 2 months late but will try to join in from june. I really like the idea.

  355. Tracey Says:

    Please can you add me to the reminders list

  356. lisa Says:

    please send me a reminder about the 25th.I took my waking picture on 05/25 and nothing else ;(

  357. Susan Gilman Says:

    please include me in the email prompts!! thanks!
    susan gilman

  358. Jessica Says:

    I know I’m two months too late, but I’d like to do this too! Thanks!

  359. Teri Says:

    just signing up for the email prompt! please.

  360. Heather Hopkins Says:

    I have no idea how you found my blog, Shimelle, but thank-you for your nice comment. I want to play each month. Guess I’ll have to go a month longer than everyone else so I get my full year worth of layouts done. Thanx again for a wonderful scrapping idea!

  361. Tracy Fox Says:

    A bit late as always but yes please sign me up

  362. missforgetful Says:

    Help – I need reminding

  363. JO SOWERBY Says:

    I am really enjoying your site and the fun ideas you have for scrapbooking. I am new to the process but have loads of pictures to scrap so your site is proving invaluable to me.

  364. Ags Says:

    I’d like to join in if its not too late – I happen to have photos from 25/4 and 25/5 as they were special days!!

  365. zoe Says:

    OK, so I’ve not been all that good at keeping up with online things lately, but here I am, late but here.

  366. Elizabeth Godwin Says:

    Would you please add me to your e-mail reminder list?. I keep forgetting otherwise. Thank you so much. Elizabeth

  367. Denise Says:

    please sign me up ! thanks

  368. Dorothy Says:

    Looking forward to your prompts! Thanks!

  369. Karen Hobbs Says:

    I just found this and it sounds fabulous!!! Please remind me!!!Thanks for being so fun!!

  370. Beverly Kim Says:

    Just discovered your website. Great idea! Please send me reminders!

  371. Cheri Vallery Says:

    Just found this—please send me a reminder


  372. Monda Says:

    Thanks for all you do to inspire us to create! ~Monda

  373. Jackie morris Says:

    can I book onto this project and receive the updates, friends are doing it and having fun.Did Fill my little world with you in Stroud.

  374. becca Says:

    i’d like to join in, sounds like fun!!!
    please send me reminders. thanks.

  375. Biff Says:

    Me, me, me, I want to join in too :) Missed the first 2 months but I’d still like to take part!

  376. Ann Clark Says:

    Camera all ready for tomorrow.Can I have a reminder please quite forgetful

  377. Angela O Says:

    I’m in. Please send me reminders.

  378. Lynne W Says:

    me too please, can I play? This looks so much fun!

  379. Véronique R Says:

    I started on May
    This is really so much fun!
    Please send me reminders too & thanks for this online class.
    My camera is ready for tomorrow

  380. Happy Nat Says:

    Just discovered your awesome Scrap Your Day project.
    Would you please add me to your reminders list. Thank you.
    Have a super duper day!

  381. Jen Says:

    I just saw this and would love to play along. Could I please be added to the reminder list. Thanks so much!

  382. Kerry Walsh Says:

    Sign me up!

  383. lia Says:

    I’d love to join in this adventure. I’ll start this month (today!) I signed into flickr group and looking at all the faq’s now. thank you. sounds like fun!

  384. Theresly Says:

    Hi Shimelle, sorry i’m late but could you add me to your reminder list.Remembered to take some photos yesterday but didn’t see the photo prompt and didn’t get any up or down photos.

  385. Maria Says:

    Just found out about this on the 26th and printed out everything. Please add me to your list. Thank you very much!

  386. RachH Says:

    Hi – only just found your site and pretty much a scrapbooking beginner, but would love to give it a go please!

  387. alissa Says:

    so, i forgot about june until the 27th. i’d love a monthly reminder! :)


  388. sonja Says:

    Doh I fogot June – pls send me a reminder!

  389. shazzer Says:

    Oh boy I so need reminding

  390. Anne-Marie Tribbett Says:

    Would love a reminder! Thanks!

  391. Jem5 Says:

    Just found your site and would love to play along – please send reminder!

  392. Sara Roberts Says:

    I would love to play along. Please add me to the list for reminders. Thanks!

  393. kathy haffegee Says:

    excellent! cant wait to get started.

  394. Heather Says:

    Can I join in?!? I love this!!

  395. Sandra Robinson Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only late comer!! Please add me to the list for reminders & I promise to keep up!! Sandi x

  396. KarenM Says:

    Was going to avoid this, but have been tempted for so long I can resist no longer, so can I please join in the fun???

  397. Sandra Says:

    thought i was signed up, i am now

  398. Scrapcomber Says:

    Love doing this

  399. Sara R. Says:

    I’m late in joining this party…but would LOVE to get signed up for reminders and get started with you all!

  400. Patty Davidson Says:

    Please add me to your mailing list for the reminders. Thanks so much.

  401. Kimberly Hanson Says:

    I am starting late, but am stating my intention to begin – and follow through for 12 months. :) Please send me reminders too, and thanks!

  402. Trina Unsworth Says:

    I would like to join this late too please if that is possible!
    Thank you

  403. Deb Keyworth Says:

    Hi there, can you add me to your reminder list for scrap your day please? Thank you!

  404. Irini Liolia Says:

    Hi Shimelle, greeting from Athens Greece ..could I be added to your reminder list?

  405. Nancy Says:

    Late, but excited! Please add me to your reminder list

  406. Sue Says:

    Can I have a Scrap Your Day reminder too – cheers ….

  407. Busymum Says:

    Im sure I signed up for the prompt but I haven’t got them so I am going to sign up again!

    Could I please have the prompts.


  408. Sarah B Says:

    Belatedly signing up…
    (All the best for the 30th!)

  409. suzanne Says:

    Just want to sign up for the reminders for the scrap your day on the 25th of each month! Thanks

  410. Anna Says:

    i am a little behind, but i would love to join this group. this looks like an awesome project.

  411. Kellie Says:

    This sounds like a great idea :)

  412. kelly wilson Says:

    Grat idea cant wait to have a go.

  413. catherine harrison Says:

    can i join in too please? thanks

  414. Alison Briant Says:

    Please can you send me a reminder Shimelle. Loving Scrap Your Day.

    Much appreciated.

  415. Eleanor Says:

    Another latecomer who’s just realised what she’s missing. Would love reminding please.

  416. Heather Says:

    I got in on this late—hope I can play along for next month.

  417. Michelle Says:

    I’ve been taking pictures but not scrapping them. Well, I think maybe a reminder might help so I am finally making a comment. If it’s not insane to do so…

  418. Sally Says:

    Please remind me too!

  419. vivian Says:

    please send me reminders! thanks! :)

  420. Rebecca Says:

    Am gonna start this in January – got everything downloaded so far but would be good to get reminders – thank you

  421. Rhonda Sneeden Says:

    I saw the scrap in a day album that someone is working on and absolutely love it so I want to join in the fun. I am sooooo excited about this. Thanks for all that you do. Rhonda

  422. BunnyKissd Says:

    Am I too late to start getting reminders? Just found out and this sounds great!

  423. Jenn Says:

    I’d like to get involved too if its not too late!

  424. Robin Wolcott Says:

    I would love to do this if it’s not too late!

  425. Elaine Says:

    I would like to join in too!

  426. rachel warren Says:

    a bit out of my comfort zone, but sounds like fun! count me in!

  427. Amy VE Says:

    I’m game, although almost a year late!

  428. julie o'rourke Says:

    count me in please!

  429. Heather Says:

    Is it too late to play? If you’re still sending reminders, add me please!

  430. Shawna Says:

    I would love to sign up to get reminders. Are you going to continue on after the first year? Thanks!

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  433. nineweare Says:

    Would love to join for 2009!

  434. Lisa Says:

    In like Flynn, this sounds great. Like a “year in the life” project I have a shot at, you know, DOING.

  435. Maureen Says:

    I think this sounds like fun!

  436. Patricia Says:

    Count me in! It sounds like a great idea!

  437. Angela Says:

    Never too late to start a good thing!

  438. Jacky Scales Says:

    I’d like to have a go.

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  443. Deb Branch Says:

    Hi thanks, could you sign me up for the prompts for the reminders.

  444. Gez Says:

    Ooo, this looks so much fun. I would love to receive reminders.
    Thank you. xx

  445. Rachel Brett Says:

    How exciting!!! I would like to recieve reminders please.

  446. Jennifer Caton Says:

    I would love reminders :O)
    Sounds like fun!!

  447. Kimberly Williams Says:

    Please send me a reminder. Thank you.

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  486. HelenS Says:

    Yes please to the reminders

  487. Rena Says:

    Would love to receive a reminder each month about Scrap your day

  488. Kirsty Brown Says:

    Would also like a reminder too please. Thank you xx

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  498. rachel warren Says:

    I’m in – i so enjoyed JYC (even though i didn’t keep up)
    thanks for all your hard work and inspiration Shimelle

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  501. Amy Says:

    Hi! Please can you send me reminders as well please! x

  502. Hilary Says:

    I’d love to get the reminders for Scrap your Day.

  503. Jacky Says:

    Can I be reminded? Can I join? Pleaseeeee?

  504. Rodent-Rocker Says:

    Count me in too please! ... I need a poke now and again to keep me going! ;op x

  505. vivian Says:

    please send me reminders! thank youuuuu! :)

  506. Jacky Scales Says:

    Can I have prompts please

  507. Deb L Says:

    would love to receive reminders too! :o)

  508. Netty Says:

    Can I have prompts too please. x

  509. Heidi Says:

    Please add me as well!

  510. Heidi Says:

    Please add me as well!


    I’d love to get the reminders for Scrap your Day

  512. Lizzie Says:

    Hi, I would love to get reminders please.

  513. Lisa Edney Says:

    Hi, I would love to get reminders, please!

  514. Holly A. Moss Says:

    I would love to get reminders, please? Thanks & I am so loving HT & E!

  515. sue Says:

    please remind me-I forgot in February!!!

  516. o-girl Says:

    I just found your site on recommendation from a friend. I see your year is almost up. Will you be starting another year-long project after this one is finished?

    The Shimelle site and this project are wonderful. :)

  517. Cammy Says:

    I would like to have a reminder, please.

  518. Jill Tidy Says:

    Is it too late to join this please?

  519. Gjjxgenz Says:

    Good site.