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UKScrappers scrapbooking blog hop

and now for something completely different
scrapbook page tutorial
I did warn you there was quite a lot going on around this time of year: new collection sneak peeks, kit scrapping videos and today also marks the blog hop to support UKScrappers and the sponsors who provide plenty of scrapping fun and inspiration here in the UK!

scrapbook page tutorial
Did you know I post a monthly page tutorial at UKScrappers? It’s called and now for something completely different because every month we try something new – but always relatively simple, because the layout is always twenty steps from start to finish.

scrapbook page tutorial
On the tenth of the month, I post the supplies including the photo requirements, so you can choose what you want to use and print your photographs.

scrapbook page tutorial
Then on the twentieth of the month, I post the twenty step-by-step photos and instructions so you can give the same idea a try with your own supplies and images. There’s always room to adapt the ideas to your own style in case you don’t scrapbook just like me.

scrapbook page tutorial
The most recent edition gives steps to help build layers of embellishment from die-cuts. You can find that here.

scrapbook page tutorial
You can upload your work to the special gallery at UKScrappers just for this project. You can find others’ work there too – it’s here.

scrapbook page tutorial
Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you don’t live in the UK, and there are six tutorials waiting for you should you like to jump in now. You can find them all here. There are six more to come as it’s a year-long project for 2012, and all entirely free.

scrapbook page tutorial
Your next stop on the hop is Sir Stampalot from Peterborough. Keep hopping to see all the different projects on offer. And there are prizes to be won! Two ways to win here: I’ll give one prize (a class of your choice for yourself and a friend) to one person who comments here by the end of Thursday, UK time. There are also prizes to be won by commenting on all the participating blogs in the hop then reporting in here on UKScrappers to say you did so! Do be sure to leave your UKS membership name in your comment if you are entering for those prizes. Please be aware that to leave a comment here, you must write your comment and hit the preview button first – once you have previewed, the post button will work!

And do bookmark the monthly scrapbook page tutorials at UKScrappers if you they seem useful for your crafting!

Thanks for visiting!


May Photostrip Scrapbook Tutorial :: & Now for Something Completely Different

May Photostrip Scrapbook Tutorial :: & Now for Something Completely Different
scrapbook page
On the twentieth of every month this year, I post a start-to-finish scrapbook page tutorial in just twenty steps. It’s called & Now for Something Completely Different… because each month we try… something different. Amazing, I know.

This month we’re scrapbooking with a strip of photos – either from a photobooth or one you make yourself. You can find notes on the supplies needed for this project (including options for making a strip of photos) here and the final twenty-step page tutorial here.

If you give it a go, upload your page to the gallery at UKScrappers by the end of the month, as three layouts each month win a prize pack of scrapbooking goodies. UKScrappers is free to join and although it is predominantly about scrapping in the UK, you can join no matter where you are in the world and participate in any of the challenges and discussions!

Happy scrapping!


ANFSCD January :: Step by Step Scrapbooking Project

january craft along :: and now for something completely different
step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial step by step scrapbooking tutorial

So what’s all this about? This is the January project for And Now for Something Completely Different, a year-long project I’m leading at UKScrappers. Prep notes are always posted on the tenth of the month and the project is always posted on the twentieth… at 10:20am… with twenty steps from start to finish, and a few new things to try along the way.

If you take on this project (feel free to make it your own) and upload your layout to the UKScrappers gallery by the end of the month, you’ll be in the running for some lovely surprises along the way! (I’ve added a share widget here too, but it will be projects uploaded to the UKS gallery that are eligible. Sharing here is just for fun.)

Anyone can join in – you do not need to be based in the UK to join the forum. Join in the discussion here. You’ll find my additional notes on the project there too, so worth a look before you give it a go.

I hope you enjoy this month’s twenty steps from start to finish!


ANFSCD January :: Getting ready to scrapbook

getting ready to scrapbook
scrapbooking supplies
Welcome to And Now For Something Completely Different, a monthly scrapbooking challenge I’m leading at UKScrappers throughout 2012. I would love for you to join me!

Each month of 2012, I invite you to join me for a start-to-finish craft along, in which we’ll all make a scrapbook page. Each month we’ll make something completely different, so you’ll have a variety of pages on a variety of themes with a variety of techniques. Heck, let’s just start a variety show while we’re at it!

Today is your ten day warning: each month I’ll post a look at the supplies I’m using on the tenth, and the craft along tutorial is posted on the twentieth, so you have ten days to get your pictures and supplies ready to go.

For January’s project, you will need three small square photographs. Mine are 2.5 inches, but you can vary this if you prefer. Above you can see my supplies. You can use exactly the same or your can substitute similar items in colours and patterns that suit your own style. See this post on UKScrappers for an itemised list and further notes on substituting other products to create your own page kit for January’s project. UK-based scrappers, the UKS sponsors can help source your supplies. US-based readers can find a list of supplies here (do take care that list includes the papers both individually and in the collection kit, just depending on what you prefer for your albums, and it does not include the larger of the two alphabets so you would need something similar from your stash).

The project will be posted on the twentieth of January, so for the next ten days you can get ready and chat about your speculations on this thread at UKScrappers. So what do you reckon we’ll be trying this month?


PS: 10 Things on the Tenth will be live just a bit later so you can link up your post!

Free Online Scrapbooking Classes and Projects for 2012

free online scrapbooking classes for 2012
handmade thank you card
New year, new projects. There are so many projects out there this January! That makes me happy – I love that the scrapping community continues to share so much online. Here’s a 2012 filled with craft and creativity! But specifically, let me introduce you to some projects that are near and dear to my heart.

And all of these are free, by the way. Entirely.

Saying Thanks
In this day of tweets and text messages and all those fast ways we communicate, real mail that is handwritten and sent through the post or handed to a friend is extra-special, right? My personal project this month is make a point to say thanks. Thank you cards for Christmas gifts, thank you gifts for hostesses, thank you notes to let friends know how awesome I think they are. That sort of thing.

I also want to say thank you to all of you, who make all my crazy adventures possible. I am thankful every single day that I get to do this – this whole crafting and writing and picture taking and class teaching and blogging thing. I can’t say thank you enough to convey it all.

But I’m going to share a whole bunch of thank you cards and thank you card tutorials with you throughout January. I hope you’ll pick your favourite and know it is from me to you.

You’ll find Saying Thanks right here at, in blog posts throughout the month. You can also subscribe via Youtube if you prefer that way of catching the latest video.

the adventures of glitter girl :: scrapbooking super hero
The Adventures of Glitter Girl
Every day of the week, scrapbookers gather on the General Scrapping message board at Two Peas in a Bucket to discuss their latest finds, their favourite projects and also their crafty conundrums. There are plenty of interesting discussions to compare products, stretch supplies to more crafting and otherwise find new and interesting ways to glue a piece of paper to another piece of paper in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The General Scrapping board is my go-to place for scrapping discussion!

I don’t know much about the rest of this. See, mild-mannered scrapbooker Shimelle Laine can only do so much. I read the boards, I post when I can add to the discussion. But some crafty conundrums call for something more than I can offer. But in times of crafting crisis, there is someone who can help. Just call out for Glitter Girl!

Every Wednesday, Glitter Girl takes on a new adventure, helping the world one crafting dilemma at a time. Glitter Girl joins Two Peas via video to solve a problem posted on the message boards. That includes project tutorials, product comparisons and technique tips throughout the new year.

So yep, there’s that. Whoever she may be.

And there are more new scrapbooking classes at Two Peas from other Garden Girls too. If you like videos featuring scrapbook page tutorials from the supplies to the finished layout, tune in at the beginning of the week for Memory Keeping Monday. Jen Gallacher, Shannon Tidwell, Nancy Damiano and Lisa Truesdell rotate as the weekly hosts, so you’ll see each of them about once a month, which means there is a great balance of varied styles. If you prefer cardmaking tutorials, then the end of the week is for you. Laura Craigie, Julie Campbell, Kandis Smith, and Lynn Ghahary host Finally Friday with a new card tutorial each week.

You’ll find all these projects on the classes page at Two Peas, and you can also subscribe to the Two Peas Youtube channel. Glitter Girl might just persuade me to share her adventures here on the blog too. We’ll see.

All of the Garden Girls are bloggers, by the way. If you want to start 2012 with a great bunch of scrappy blogs, you can find them all together here, and you can even subscribe to all of them in Google Reader with just one click to make it nice and easy. (Not quite all of us tweet, but you can find all who do here, if that suits your style!)

free online scrapbooking class :: and now for something completely different
And now for something completely different…
The other message board where you might find me talking scrap? UKScrappers. It’s the place to talk to other scrappers and papercrafters in the UK, but everyone is welcome really, so do grab yourself a username if you want to join in the fun. In 2012, I’ll be leading a monthly project at UKScrappers. Each month includes a full scrapbook page tutorial, but each month that tutorial covers something completely different.

On the 10th of each month, a supply list will be published at UKScrappers. All of the projects can be completed with your own stash – they don’t need specific supplies. But the supply list lets you find the right photos, print them at the right size and gather the supplies of your choice so you’re ready to go when the tutorial goes live. That happens on the 20th of each month. Then you have till the end of the month to upload your project to the gallery at UKS… and you just never know what goodness might come your way for that!

If you like the idea of a year-long challenge but also know doing the same thing for an entire year isn’t really your idea of fun, then this sort of project can be just right for you.

Other classes offered at UKScrappers this year include Art Journey, an art journaling workshop on Mondays and Wednesdays, Simple Recipes on the first and third Tuesday of each month, a new technique post every Thursday (called Technique Thursdays, of course!) and Snap 2012, a photography project with prompts on Fridays.

You’ll find each of those projects has its own location on UKScrappers, but your best bet is to always check the UKS homepage for links to what’s new. I’ll be sharing my tutorials here too.

So wow that’s a lot. My head is spinning a bit! But it’s a spin of excitement!

I hope something here grabs your fancy and you find a project or two to enjoy in 2012!

Thanks so much.