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Little steps

The only way I can get motivated to reclaim my space is to have inspiring goals. Sometimes that can come from a photo taken earlier—this one from last October always reminds me that when I get it just so, this room is my favourite place to be.

But other rooms also keep me totally in awe, and often changing little things here and there. On Flickr, there are several cool groups to watch creative rooms go by, like Art Studio, Craft Rooms, Pretty Organized and Inspiration Boards. But you can also find whole sets of photos grouped by room, like walking right into someone’s studio and taking in all the details. Some of my favourites include Alicia’s Posie Studio, Tara’s bright orange room, the Love, Joleen Studio and Heather Bailey’s Studio. But there are so many. Like here and here and here and here and here just to name a few. And there are fab threads on UK Scrappers, Two Peas and ScrapJazz, just to get started. Oh my goodness there are so, so many.

So step 2? Get inspired. I don’t want my space to look exactly like anything else I see—but I want it to be as workable as what’s in those pictures. And when someone has taken the time to photograph their entire room and post it? It’s usually at its best. So step 2 is like having that vision of crossing the finish line.

If you have a room you love (that is either yours or one you admire online), share a link with us!


02 June 2007

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5 Comments for Little steps

  1. Deb Says:

    Ohhh Shimelle, you must stop posting so many links to so many fabulous things. I spend more time drooling over other people’s gorgeous work and photos than I do creating my own! :-)

  2. Marie Says:

    Oh My. I have studio envy, big time. SIGH

    Do you think I can justify shoving the kids into one room so I can have the third bedroom for a craft space??? Maybe one day ;)
    love M

  3. Gemma Says:

    I love that orange room, but yellow’s my fave colour at the moment . . .

    This is the tidy corner of my room – wish it all looked like this . . .

  4. Lei Says:

    I love your layouts and tastes! So cute.

    How about this link.

    I hope someday I can have a tidy scrapbooking room.

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