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This Year's Story Membership

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Last year I talked about an album mindset class and it took a while for me to find a system that was really working for how I could share this ongoing process on a monthly basis. Well, halfway through 2024 and I am happy to say it’s been rolling along relatively well so it’s time I talk about it a bit more!

This Year’s Story begins with a starter class. It discusses my album philosophy, how I organise and plan for the photos I’ve taken, how everything gets filed into albums, and what my real goals are when I’m building a scrapbook, one story at a time. Remember, I’m really big on the ‘book’ element of ‘scrapbook’! I love creating individual pages, but I find it even more exciting to turn the pages of a book and see our stories develop with time! So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy learning, you can join the starter class to see all the philosophy behind it and see two months of stories in action: one from 2023 and one from 2024.

JUST the This Year’s Story Starter Class – no additional months

$22 USD

scrapbook page

Now if that sounds perfectly up your alley and you’re ready to just dive in, you can sign up for the starter class and the full year of 2024 updates – so if you signed up now, you’d already have the stories from January to May 2024 there, and you’d see June’s stories in videos throughout this month and so on for the rest of the year. Each month I tell current stories in my regular YouTube livestreams, then I fill in all the gaps and complete storytelling over the next month, so on YouTube I scrapbooked June stories in June. In class, I’ll scrap the rest of my June stories throughout July. Which means the 2024 membership will actually include January 2025, when I’m completing the December 2024 stories. Got it? If you love that whole idea and want to jump into the full ‘members only’ content for all of 2024, you can go ahead and sign up all in one go with nothing extra to add later.

BUNDLE This Year’s Story Starter Class AND Full 2024 Membership – all months

$75.00 USD

scrapbook page

But you might not want a full year and that’s absolutely fine too! Once you have taken the starter class, you can add on additional months individually and access just the videos for that month. Please make sure this is WITH a starter class membership. It needs the starter class to get the most of the individual months, and I’m not offering the months without the starter. (Think of it like the starter class is the main kit and the months are the add on options!)

INDIVIDUAL MONTHS – Be sure to take the Starter Class first!

What month would you like? (February – December 2024)

$15 USD per month – January 2024 is included in the Starter Class, so select your month from February to December. Repeat the process for additional months.

The additional content is all shown in video – some prerecorded and some live-streamed, but the livestream content in my classes is not informal chitchat like our random rubbish chats on YouTube! I do answer questions from the live audience but we keep things on track to both the storytelling (so topics that come up on the pages I’m making or you’re making) and the crafty elements like design, products, and techniques.

Like my other classes, registrations are processed by a real human (me) rather than being automatic, so you should have access within 48 hours. If you don’t, please drop me an email! ALSO, if you are having trouble accessing the class forum (for any of my classes) and would like some help, the lovely Alice has returned to help me keep on top of this and you can contact her directly! Click here to email Alice about your forum username or password.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stayed with this class since the early days! If you joined way back when and haven’t signed in lately, you might find there are lots of videos for you to watch, so do have a look.

03 July 2024

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