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A funny week

a funny week
london ambassador pod
Hello hello! How can it be Wednesday already? Well… it’s because it is indeed a funny little week in my world. Throughout this week, I’m wearing a bright pink and purple uniform and standing next to a pink and purple kiosk to help the fine pedestrians of London with any questions or concerns they may have. (Sorry, I don’t have any tickets for sale. But I can provide a free map, if that’s any consolation.)

I have several hundred more CHA photos to share with you, but I just need a bit more time… and I know it won’t be today since I have my day of bright pink combined with the super excitement of heading over to watch the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony tonight. It’s so exciting that I’m afraid you’ll just have to pardon me for collapsing into a heap by the time I get home tonight and not blogging. (But you better believe there will be new photos to scrapbook from tonight!) But I really will get them all shared here, and I thank you for your patience. (I know there are some other posts I need to get live here. Please know they will be available as soon as they are ready! That includes some videos and the new class I’m working on and all that sort of goodness. Thanks!)

As it’s Wednesday, Glitter Girl will have a new adventure today. When it goes live, you’ll be able to find episode thirty here.

Have a fabulous day!


25 July 2012

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32 Comments for A funny week

  1. Rachel Says:

    Enjoy yourself Shimelle. these Olympics are a once in a lifetime experience so don’t worry too much about blogging, we do understand.

  2. Donna B. Says:

    How exciting for you! You are going to have to make an entire scrapbook! This is a once in a lifetime experiance!

  3. Malin/malwa Says:

    Do have a fab time. Meanwhile, I’ll sit here and wait patiently for the info of the new class!

  4. Joanna Shirey Says:

    I am super excited for you! Can’t wait to see all the photos… CHA and Olympics.

  5. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Super excited for the Olympics to start, so glad we’ll have you blogging and sharing it all with us! Save me a map!!!

  6. Little Nat Says:

    Can’t wait to see the pics! Have fun at the rehearsal tonight!

  7. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Have fun. looking forward to seeing any of your olympic photos and the rest of the CHA ones.

  8. Terrie Allison Says:

    Hi Shimelle, Can’t wait to see all of the CHA pics but definately want to see the 5th Studio Calico layout video and the six layouts that you haven’t posted yet.

  9. Angela Says:

    Have fun you deserve it.

  10. Melissa Says:

    I’m so excited for you! What a thrilling opportunity. Enjoy it. Rest. Relax. Always remember to take care of you. :)

  11. beviepearl Says:

    What wonderful opportunities for you this week. Have fun and enjoy the hosting and all the events!!

  12. Crystal Says:

    You can blog later, when are you going to get the chance to be a part of the Olympics again?

  13. Kristin Says:

    So awesome that the Olympics are right there in your hometown! Enjoy it, Shimelle. The blog (and us fans) can wait. Although I will admit that I can’t see to see the photos you capture of all things Olympic! :)

  14. Kim Rogers Says:

    Can’t wait to see all the pics from both! And anxiously awaiting the details about the new class! =)

  15. Alinor Says:

    can’t wait to see what your new class will be!!!
    Also, did you ever share your last video with the 4th add on from SC kit?? i can’t find it!

  16. kirsty A Says:

    Sounds like an exciting week. Look forward to seeing the photos. Just watched Glitter Girl Scenic Solutions. Great layouts. Don’t you gut your papers? I’d have gutted that pale blue background so I could use the cameos on the back for something else, rather than buying another full sheet. But I guess Superheroes don’t need to worry about that sort of thing!

  17. Sabrina H Says:

    Have a great time!!! Sounds like a blast!!!!

  18. Gela Says:

    What an AWSOME adventure! Have fun.

  19. Ana Says:

    Hey Shimelle! Loved the new Glitter Girl Adventure. As always very very pretty and omg, I wish I had half your creativity and talent! But I was just wondering, wasn’t there another Scrapbooking with Studio Calico video/ project left? I thought it was five of them! Anyways, I was just wondering cause I was loving those videos so much!! Thanks for your great work!! For me, you are the best “scrapbooker”! =)

  20. Carolyn Staat Says:

    I would love to do that, what a great way to see everyone who came to see the games. I understand you being tired, I would be. I am looking foward to see your pics and what you do with them. Thanks for the update, have a great time.

  21. Madeline Says:

    can’t wait to see the photos, and hear about that new class. Enjoy your week and we will be right here when things calm down a little

  22. Donna B Says:

    I hope we will get to see pictures of you in your outfits. Looking forward to hearing all about your continuing adventures as Shimelle and as Glitter Girl.

  23. Karla Says:

    Can’t wait to see your LOs you’ll make!

  24. Kim Says:

    So excited for you! My husband worked for the Olympic’s when they were in Atlanta. It was so much fun to go to the dress rehearsal and other activities. A once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy!!

  25. Yeva Says:

    I think its so awesome that your part of the Olympics! Enjoy every min of it! don’t worry about blogging now, but please do share your experience being part of the Olympics! We’ll be looking for you ;)

  26. Donna B. Says:

    Between all this and CHA you are going to desperately need a vacation! do not forget to get enough sleep or you may end up sick after all this ( says the mommy in me)

  27. Alison Day Says:

    Oh gosh! Don’t worry about us!! You are in the middle of one of the biggest events in your life so enjoy!!! We’ll still be here when you’ve come back to earth. :)

  28. Katie Scott Says:

    I’m watching the Olypmic Opening Ceremony & can’t help thinking, I wonder what Shimelle is up to over there. I lived in London for 6 months when I was in college and so love that city and miss it. I was at 32 Gower Street near the British Museum and could walk down the street to Trafalgar Square.

    Just wanted to post to say that I love to listen to you on Paperclipping Roundtable and I love your scrapbook videos too.

    I ESPECIALLY LOVE the video you made last summer about, I can’t remember what you called it, but it was about scrapbooking everyday – I saw it a week or so ago, it was awesome!

    Ok that’s all – Have fun with the Olympics in town.

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  30. Dex Says:

    Can’t wait to see all the pics from both!

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