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About Shimelle

Shimelle Laine

I have always loved to make things. Sometimes I just didn’t know it.
I have always loved photographs. Sometimes I just didn’t take them.
I have always loved to write. Sometimes I just erase a little too much.

Now my day-to-day life revolves around these little concepts. I never took an art class after the fourth grade. I broke not one but two school sewing machines in junior high home ec class. The first photograph I was paid for was from a junior varsity football game. And I have a whole folder of papers with the note, ‘Be more concise!’ from Mrs Corder.

Shimelle + The Boy as Alice and the Mad Hatter

So really, I am all about progression.

My progression has taken me through studying {first communication and the highly practical musical theatre, then the even more practical English literature} into teaching {English and assorted other subjects to secondary school students} then back to studying {the actual world} and back into teaching {crafty girls who want to write/record/create more}. I’m not done with either. I like that.

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But if you would prefer the more concise version:
I grew up in Kansas City and live in London.
I worked as an editor for ScrapBook Inspirations magazine and idea books and design for Jenni Bowlin Studio, Banana Frog stamps and Two Peas in a Bucket, an online scrapbooking retailer.
I teach online scrapbooking, journaling and crafting classes.
And this is my website.

Thank you for visiting.

If you have a question, please get in touch via email.

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Two notes of disclosure:
One, I do not accept offers of direct payment for dedicated blog posts to promote products, nor do I offer any paid sidebar advertising. While I am happy to consider products for posts and projects, I blog about things I like because I like them. If I don’t like them, I don’t talk about them here. Simple as.
Two, I often use affiliate links to products at Two Peas in a Bucket. That means that if you place an order by clicking on those links, I receive a small percentage of the purchase price. That amount of money does not pay my rent, but does help pay my expenses for keeping this blog online. You pay the same amount whether you buy by clicking my link or going straight to the shop yourself. And I still only use stuff I like. So I think that is fair enough, and I hope you do too. If not, just don’t click those links. Easy enough.

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31 December 2007

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