how many times have you said 'i really should document what i do coming up to christmas'?  only to answer yourself in the next breath with 'if i had the time'.

i promise you do.

with prompts, tips and exercises to get you in the habit of working quickly, there's no excuse not to keep a journal that is art in itself as well as a record of activities and emotions involved this holiday season.

and you are invited.


....class includes....
.37 daily idea emails
.members' email forum
.members' chat room
.online  gallery

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what's involved:

the course runs for 37 days, starting on the 1st of december and culminating on the 6th of january to include the twelve days of christmas.  each day, you'll receive a class email to prompt a daily entry in your journal.  each class email will provide a writing prompt along with techniques and ideas to help you along the art journalling path.  with speedy techniques borrowed and adapted from a variety of art forms, you'll have the opportunity to try something new without investing in extra supplies or spending hours only to be frustrated.

you're free to create in any form you feel comfortable: you might be an experienced art journaller, a painter, a scrapbooker, or a perpetual diary keeper.  every idea can be customised to your tastes.  you might be absolutely new to all of this.  that's fine too.  but there's no how-to-make-this-step-by-step to produce clones.  things to try, certainly.  things you must do?  never.

all participants are welcome to submit scans or digital photos of their work for display in a group gallery and even possible publication.  sharing your work along the way will provide us with the collaboration principle upon which i build all my online classes.  this process lets you hitchhike ideas and observe how various artists all put their individual touches on similar themes.  of course, sharing is up to you and if you'd rather keep your work just for yourself, that's perfectly fine too.

a chat room will be provided for live discussion between class members.  schedule a slot if you've got time to chat with some fellow journallers, but don't feel like it's mandatory.  we all know how busy december gets and the entire point of the course is to show you, firsthand, how you CAN fit a journal into your busy schedule.  don't worry about emailing less when the season gets busier -- it's to be expected.  you'll still receive a daily email with hints on making entries quickly (and we're talking a few MINUTES, ok?) without sacrificing style or meaning.

want to participate but celebrate something other than christmas?  you're more than welcome.  the prompts will still apply to you and your own traditions.  this is your journal: it deals with your opinions and your beliefs and your traditions this december.  a gift marked to: you, from: you.


questions? e-mail shimellelaine @
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