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This Year's Story - A New Online Scrapbooking Class

This Year's Story - New Online Scrapbooking Class at

It’s definitely time for a new class around here that does more than focus on supplies: let’s get back to stories and back to the book in scrapbook. This is the heart of what makes me a scrapbooker and it’s been a while since we’ve really discussed this at length. It’s time for This Year’s Story.

I flipped through my January stories in a recent YouTube video so you can see a little about how my stories look this year, but for the events of February through the rest of the year, I’m sharing everything about that from album philosophy, planning, decision making, sketches, and process videos all in this new class.

The starter class is $15 USD and includes video content that covers:
*How I review my photo library and decide what to include in my album and how to print any relevant images
*How the 12×12 pages you see me make in my usual scrappy livestreams form the base of my month-by-month storytelling, and how you might adapt this process to work for you
*How to identify themes that will run throughout your album and how to best choose supplies and techniques to tell those developing stories over time
*The process videos for all of the additional content I added to my album for February (both 12×12 and smaller pages, full and pockets – this is everything I wanted to document for February 2023 that is not already covered in a Best of Both Worlds livestream available on YouTube)
*Goals for telling your stories with scrapbook supplies you already have to hand, and perhaps may have had to hand a very long time. This isn’t an exercise in following along with the same supplies I am using necessarily, but rather looking into your own stash for the things that you have held onto a long while because you like them but you’ve never found the motivation to use them. I have those supplies too and I want them out of my stash and into my albums!
*My philosophy for how a yearly album fits into my larger collection of scrapbooks and why the ‘book’ in scrapbook is very important to me!

This philosophy element works with an existing class in mind: Cover to Cover is a little over ten years old and it is my overall album philosophy class – not just my annual album, but all the different kinds of albums I keep, how I work with my photo library and prints, and so forth. In that ten years, my core values of how and why I scrapbook has stayed right on course, but the practicalities of some things have changed. I used to print nearly every photo I snapped, for example, and I no longer feel like that’s a viable option for me. My album collection has also grown over those ten years and keeping my albums from taking over my entire house is an issue that needed a real strategy! Consider this class an update to Cover to Cover as well as a focused look at one particular album style: the chronological, life tracking stories of an annual album. If you have taken Cover to Cover in the past, that’s great, as there are times when I reference certain parts of that class you might want to review. If you have never taken Cover to Cover, I would really suggest taking that class now and using the time between today and the beginning of this new class to go over those concepts. It’s not a requirement, just a suggestion. You can sign up for Cover to Cover here.

The starter class also includes printable page sketches for everything in my album for January and February 2023.

The starter class is $15USD and begins Wednesday the 10th of May (just after NSD Weekend). Additional months will include just the monthly content and not the full philosophy section, and those will be $5 when they first go live. If you know you would like all the additional months, knowing they will be published as I get them completed and not on a set day each month, you can sign up for the whole shebang – the starter class PLUS all the monthly updates for 2023 for $55USD.

Okay, $15 for the starter class covering philosophy, my process, and all the February pages:

Or $55 for the starter class PLUS all the monthly updates for 2023:

If you are a class pass holder, you will receive the starter class as part of your pass, and then you will have the option to include the monthly updates or opt out of the monthly updates after that, so if it’s not really your think, you’re not using $40 of class pass credit on that. Don’t worry – I will be in touch after the starter class to set out your options clearly and let you choose what’s best for you!

AND AND AND at a risk of sounding like an infomercial, I have a ‘wait, there’s more!’ because there is a short bridging class between Scrap a Rainbow and This Year’s Story. A bridging class is just a few videos on a topic that connects one big workshop to the next! It will be available for everyone who took Scrap a Rainbow as well as everyone who takes This Year’s Story, so this in this case it’s a series of videos discussing colour combinations for month-by-month storytelling in your scrapbook. You don’t need to do anything to receive this – it will automatically be added to your account if you have taken either or both classes.

I think that’s it as far as class content! Now for a few details in case you are new or need a refresher. When you sign up, you will get a PayPal receipt by email. If that email does not go to the account you would like to use for class content, please send me an email with the old and new email addresses so I can update that for you. (Same thing if you have an account already and pay by a different email – please let me know.) When we get to the 10th of May, you’ll then receive emails with the class materials and links to watch the videos either streaming online or downloading to view offline. If it’s your first class with me, you’ll also receive a username and password email so you can sign into the class forum. If you ever have any questions, you can always email me.

19 April 2023

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