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Snapshots of the somewhat everyday

everyday snapshots

This photo is absolutely rotten by pretty much every standard. And yet I love it. Hurrah for pictures like that. They make me very happy.

It also makes me happy when we finally have a little springtime sunshine. Yesterday was so warm that the entirety of this city had to get outside and make sure it was real. Days like this are not unlike All Summer in a Day, for as I write this it is steadily pouring outside my window. But that is just to make me extra glad that I spent yesterday outside, walking around and finding new places. Why did I not know that there is one street in Soho with about a zillion fabric stores? There is! And apparently it is where costumers for film, theatre and fashion come to do their shopping, as every shop was filled to the brim with people looking for fabric appropriate for gowns for ‘London Hair Fashion Week’, costumes for a new production of La Cage aux Folles at some unnamed location and the elements for making something to be worn by Eva Green. This was the lady ahead of me at the cutting table, who turned to me and asked me to hold a piece of fabric so she could see how it looked with the ‘right colour hair’. So apparently I have Eva Green-coloured hair. Who knew? See, mystery abounds.


Fabric also abounds there and I am so happy to say I now have enough fabric to make all three bridesmaids’ dresses and so far I am still within my budget! It turns out it is useful to visit all of these little aladdin’s caves of fabric, as I found the fabric I wanted at the second shop, but at a price that would have put me over budget on dress one, let alone getting to dress two and dress three. I took a swatch and kept looking. Four shops later I found the same fabric for a fraction of the price, right inside the front door. I am also thinking it’s a good sign when not one but several people ask you on your way to the cutting table if you’re going to need all of what’s on that bolt, as they would like some too. Sadly, they would only have been able to make a minidress with what was left. There is, of course, another bolt down the road for much more! All part of the mystery and discovery.

Today I have discovered a mystery in my home that will make you laugh. We had a visitor from the gas board coming to do annual checks on the boiler and such, and our boiler is in the kitchen. I show him the cupboard and he proceeds to remove a section of wall beneath the cupboard! As in, it just lifts away. An entire section of the tiled wall in our kitchen is attached to absolutely nothing, and merely keeps all the ugliness of a million cords, valves and cables that seem to go to and from the boiler out of sight (and also collects a great deal of dust, seeing as I never knew it was there). Upon seeing him lift the wall away I was astounded that we had such a secret compartment. Why, there could have been people hiding in there and I would have never known! To which the man replied, ‘Well ma’am, they would have to be some very small people.’

I didn’t tell him that I was thinking spiders were more likely and that frankly, I would rather find very small people behind a section of wall than very large spiders. Because I only admit things like that to you, not to people who visit to check on appliances. Obviously.

streets of london

And I tell you these little everyday interludes because they all lead into the project that is coming up this Friday! Click here to download this month’s Photo Fact Sheet, to get ready for photographing your day this Friday. (There are more details about this project here.) I do hope you’ll join us. And perhaps snap a few photos that are rotten by pretty much every standard, and yet make you very happy indeed.


23 April 2008

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14 Comments for Snapshots of the somewhat everyday

  1. Fay Says:

    Oooh – can’t wait to see the bridesmaid dresses.

  2. Sally Says:

    I love the tale about your “secret” hidey hole in the kitchen. That did make me giggle! And as for the photo’s I think they’re GREAT! They are happy and shiney and that makes everyone who looks at them smile!
    Sally x

  3. jen Says:

    i would love to have secret small people living in a secret compartment in my kitchen- alas, this will not happen until i move back to the uk- as here i have neither boilers or cupboards- le sigh :(

  4. Therese Bradley Says:

    I had to laugh about your piece of wall. It reminded me of my favorite books in grammar school – The Littles. Are you sure there are no little people living in your walls?

  5. lindschick Says:

    Well done on finding the fabric, just goes to show that a little perserverance pays off. That made me laugh so much about the hidey hole!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that sort of thing happens too!!! As Therese says are you sure there are no borrowers hiding in there somewhere!!
    I love your photos & London having now moved away I really love seeing photos of the city we do try and take the children there once a month or so, as they were born there I want them to feel at home there!!

  6. Nathalie Says:

    Love the Photo Fact Sheet! You make it so fun, i can’t wait for Friday!

  7. Liza Says:

    I love your pictures. It makes me want to hop on a plane and visit.

  8. Cameron Says:

    I thought I’d let you know that there is a small clan of us scattered throughout the U.S. who are assembling (or buying) 15”x7” calendars and taking on the Scrap Your Day challenge! We all met at Donna Downey’s “Inspired” event and we CAN’T WAIT to reconnect over this challenge! Yay! We’ll all be posting on our blogs. :)

  9. Katherine K. Glass Says:

    This will be my first experience with an on-line class and I can’t wait!

  10. Janice Foltz Says:

    I’m ready, this sounds great!

  11. cheri Says:

    I am ready too! Yeah!

  12. Suzie B Says:

    Fabric Central… is that somewhere near Berwick Street? Brings back some lovely memories of a mis-spent youth wandering around the West End and Soho, when I was young enough to not worry about being there at 9-10pm by myself…

    Love the photo prompts – pity I only saw them this morning after I’d got up and made/eaten my breakfast! Oh well, plenty of other things to take pics of today!