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Getting ready

Starting this Friday, the 25th of April, our masterplan is to photograph the day in full, then document that day in a scrapbook. And the same on the 25th of May, the 25th of June and so on…for an entire year. By then, we will have captured an entire year of life as we live it, with the changes, celebrations and obstacles that come our way. I would love for you to join us.

Each month there will be two prompts posted here and on UKScrappers—a photo fact sheet and an album prompt. All the materials for this project are free and you can download them at anytime.

Today, you can download a file to help you get ready by building the background pages of your album using papers from your stash. Just click here to download.

The photo fact sheet will be posted here on Wednesday—so spread the word and see you then!


21 April 2008

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70 Comments for Getting ready

  1. lucy Says:

    Oooooh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Liz Says:

    I second Lucy’s comments. I am really excited about getting involved with this, it will be my first project like this and I am so looking forward to it. Now all I have to do is choose my papers and start making the book ready for Friday’s big launch!

  3. Jackie Says:

    I am going to join in with this too. Just making my album now.Thank you for a great project idea.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Excellent, just as one project finishes another one starts. Mind you, I’m so far behind with No Place Like Home it’s just as well this is just one day a month!!!
    Thank you for your continual inspiration, don’t know how you fit it all in with a wedding to plan and everything!!!

  5. Nathalie Says:

    I am so excited to participate in this new project! I LOVE my album from the Learn Something New Everyday Class so I am jumping into this with both feet!

  6. Emma Whyley Says:

    What an excellent idea, I am really looking forward to this project. Great inspiration, as ever Shimelle!!
    em x

  7. lindschick Says:

    Great finally on track and making my album tonight, thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Liz Says:

    Me again. Have just spent two evenings making my book with the aid of my faithful BIA and some K&Co papers I have been stroking for about 18 months. Finally I am using them! Can’t wait to start on the first page, only three days to go.

  9. Carol Z Says:

    I made my album last night out of covered chipboard and 6×12 cardstock as suggested. I’m so happy with it, can’t wait to get started!

  10. sesil in chicago Says:

    I am so going to do this. Thanks for the inspiration. Will keep you posted on the progress.

  11. Pamela Says:

    Got my pages ready. Can’t wait until Friday.

  12. Susan Ringler Says:

    OK, am I double posting here? I just posted on the other locations, but I would rather double than miss out LOL!!!

  13. Ramona Marengo Says:

    Thanks! I hope that this time I will keep up.
    At least I am looking forward to the attempt.

  14. Janice Foltz Says:

    Oh good, a reason to really learn how to use my camera.

  15. cheri Says:

    I will be joining you! At least for the snapping photos part!

  16. Annette Says:

    Great Idea!! I can’t wait to get started!! You always have the funnest projects – I love your blog.

  17. Lori Says:

    Fun, fun, fun. Got my book started for a year of memories on the 25th.
    See it at
    I plan to add a bit more to my cover I feel it needs a little something more but it’s a start!

  18. Ann Clark Says:

    Have just started. will be ready for May 25th.
    Bought a long calender and am busy covering the pages

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